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Thread: Chelmsford

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    According to their forum we were the worst side they've played this season.

    To be fair it's always an uphill struggle when you have a referee giving penalties for fouls outside the box. Hope we don't get another cheat tomorrow.

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    Interesting. Remember the penalty well, clearly outside the box. Put us on the back foot. I thought we did alright with a good attempt to get back into the game. They didn’t over impress me but must be playing better since we left as they are clearly in contention for a play off place. Let’s hope they are complacent. I see from their website they are down to the bare bones due to injury and have recalled a loanee to warm the bench. I take that with a pinch of salt. We shall see!

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    Won last four and 6 points off top spot.

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    Letís hope they take us lightly and get a shock, they have to score against us to win so weíre in with a chance.

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    Iím feeling unusually confident. 3-1 City. COYY!

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    From Chelmsford’s match day preview

    ‘The Tigers boast a squad of young talent, courtesy of their Academy’

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    All the best today. Really big game in the survival stakes. Confidence must be high but we do need someone to find the back of the net via basic simple finishing. Would be nice to see another Fab strike but it cannot be a one man show.

    Unfortunately my football duties mean I can only watch via social media but good luck to evrryone. 🌈 ⚽️

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    A rainbow?

    Altrincham or Whitehawk?

    If it's the latter, don't forget your crash helmet and body armour.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    City of Chelmsford , - Birthplace of Radio, - Hope they get their wires crossed and don't make waves!

    You learn something every day, when you are a football supporter!

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    Quite a few similarities to the Bath game, not just the score line and the fact we were playing the 3rd place team.

    Impressive disciplined performances. Canít call it luck when you do it more than once. Itís not pretty to watch and very little quality in their box but have to take my hat off to Cookie and the team for dogged performances, churning out yet another point and clean sheet.

    Not sure either keeper had to make a meaningful save. They were wasteful with corners and shots from distance. Was that down to a great game plan by us? No doubt they will say they had an off day.
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