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Thread: Game off

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    Chris, I think invidious is the wrong term.

    I think the facts are that if it was raining all day yesterday, and, as you say, the weather last week had been poor, an early pitch inspection would have benefited all concerned. If there were doubts about the game going ahead, and clearly there was, then surely a referee could have been summoned earlier.

    Yes, other games were postponed but that was as a result of early pitch inspections.

    I can assure you many supporters were unhappy. On the bright side I saved some petrol money.

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    Very unprofessional by the club!

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    Invidious- an action or situation likely to arouse or incur resentment or anger in others.....

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    I got wet at work yesterday but the wind dried me off. I thought that that would be the case for the pitch too.

    It was just lucky that I happened to check the forum before I left.

    I guess it might make it a tougher proposition for Concord having to come down here in midweek?

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    Well at least one Concord fan was suspicious of the game being off because he thought me saying it gives us time to find a striker meant we were struggling today so we wanted the game off. I then pointed out it we have needed one all season, but it just shows how bad it looks when you call off a game at fairly late notice and no public announcement has been made prior. Like I say hopefully lessons will have been learnt here

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    Well at least it won't take long for them to get here, thanks to their sponsors.

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    In all fairness we could have looked at the pitch friday like Slough did last week, there was a game on the pitch Wednesday night and it was very heavy and cutting up in alot of places

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    That’s what we pay Evesham for to sort the pitch out not really on to blame City for the postponement. That pitch has been horrendous most of the season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Tango View Post
    That’s what we pay Evesham for to sort the pitch out not really on to blame City for the postponement. That pitch has been horrendous most of the season.
    I pass no comment on the above for it would be wrong of me to do so.
    Below are the League instructions issued to all Clubs and if you read them, then you know what is required, rather than guessing.

    For the record I received a call from the Secretary of GCAFC at 11.40am and to help him I posted the postponement on this forum immediately. I am always on call every match day in my role for The National League to deal with inspections and postponements.

    Procedures for Pitch Inspections & Postponements
    Please see below an outline of the procedures for pitch inspections and consequential decisions concerning postponements.
    In accordance with Rule 14.2, Clubs are not entitled to postpone a fixture on account of the apparent state of the ground. In the event that such circumstances prevail, Clubs are to comply with The FA’s published “Recommended Procedure for the Guidance of Clubs and Referees in Determining the Suitability of Grounds in Adverse Weather Conditions”. A copy of this document is attached.
    National League Clubs are also advised to follow the following procedures regarding early pitch inspections:
     Early contact should be made with the visiting club to ascertain the travelling arrangements for their team and supporters respectively.
     When making initial contact with the match referee, ascertain the match officials’ travel arrangements and if necessary, inform him he may be required to perform an inspection of the ground and be prepared to arrive earlier than usual.
     During the Winter Months, the home Club should make an additional contact with the match referee the day before the match to discuss weather and pitch conditions.
     If a very early inspection is required for any reason (e.g. on Friday for a Saturday afternoon match) the home Club should contact the League Office to receive authorisation to conduct an early pitch inspection.
     Should an early pitch inspection be necessary it should be timed ahead of the away team’s planned departure and that of their supporters, if any different.
     If an early pitch inspection is carried out in advance of the away team’s departure, it may be necessary to re-inspect the state of the pitch again in case conditions have changed e.g. if the pitch is inspected on a Friday afternoon, it may need to be checked again early on Saturday morning before the away team and/or its supporters departs.
     Please note that failure to follow these procedures may result in the Home Club being found in breach of Rule 8.
     Please remember early contact and communication is key to ensure all parties are kept informed and to avoid unnecessary travel or inconvenience for all concerned.
    Should the ground be declared unfit it is the responsibility of HOME club to immediately advise The League Office, the relevant FA match officials’ appointments officer, the visiting Club and any match officials (including the match observer) not present when the decision was made. Contact should also be made with any other accredited personnel expected to attend the match and the Club should make an appropriate public announcement and inform the Press Association. These communications also apply as applicable if a match is abandoned.

    If clubs or officials require assistance or advice outside of office hours, the following personnel can be contacted:
    Michael Tattersall, CEO or Colin Peake, Operational Support Director

    FA Guidance

    Recommended procedure for the guidance of Clubs and Referees
    in determining the suitability of grounds in adverse weather conditions
    Each Club must take every precaution to ensure that its ground is in a fit playing condition.
    When the regional weather conditions are known to be extreme (e.g. prolonged severe frost, clear water logging or heavy snow) then the game can be postponed at the discretion of the League following consultation with the appropriate League Secretary / Officer, League Rules will apply; this is not an issue for the match day Referee. Should a Competition decide to agree to an early postponement under such circumstances there will be no requirement for a pitch inspection.
    In all other circumstances and subject to the time and travelling distance, the match Referee should be called in to make a decision. In the event of the match Referee being unable to carry out the inspection, the Home Club must select an alternative Referee listed within the National List of Contributory Referees.
    Should it not be possible to identify an appropriate Match Official, the Appointing Authority (the Football Association) will determine a suitable person to carry out the inspection.
    If a specific League Rule exists where the timing of a pitch inspection is stated, this will apply but is a League issue only.
    Prior to reaching a decision the Referee who is making the inspection must:
    Consult with the match Referee prior to the inspection
    Consult with the match Referee during / after the inspection to mutually agree on a decision prior to notifying the Home Club Secretary or Club Chairman and the appropriate League Secretary (or Chairman if the Secretary is not available).
    Prior to reaching a decision the Referee who is making the inspection should consider the following: Whether or not the ground (playing area) is dangerous (e.g. ice / frost)
    Whether or not that the spectator standing areas are dangerous (e.g. ice / frost) Whether or not conditions are or could turn farcical
    The views of the Home Club Groundsman in terms of local knowledge and draining capabilities in the event of standing water
    The existing condition of the playing surface in conjunction with the prevailing weather conditions as previously confirmed with the local weather authority
    Be seen to be active! Adhere to deadlines, keep all informed; especially the away Team Manager if he is on route and can be contactable (home club will have the Secretary’s mobile number); or if the away Club are in a hotel locally. If they are within a reasonable time/distance from the ground it is only courtesy that you await their arrival
    Inspect thoroughly! A professional approach must be adopted when carrying out an inspection. It is not acceptable just to take a cursory look at the field of play in normal dress (i.e. Suit / Blazer etc.). Sports kit should be worn, along with appropriate footwear (i.e. football boots). All areas of the pitch should be inspected. A ball should be used to determine whether the surface is playable (for movement and bounce), if appropriate, playing staff may be able to assist you in this practical session.
    Fog creates its’ own problems. Use perspectives from ground level and the back of a stand – check forecast (remember that there is a responsibility to paying spectators) When dealing with such elements as frost or ice – remember that the highest temperature of the day is usually around mid-day. Get a forecast if necessary of the projected temperature for the time when the match is due to conclude
    The manpower available to the Home Club to carry out any necessary work to make the ground playable
    The time the visiting Club are due to commence their journey
    Liaise with Managers BUT the decision as to whether the match is played is yours
    If after consultation with the match Referee, the ground is declared fit and the away Clubs instructed to travel, then only in exceptional circumstances should the match Referee reverse the decision.
    If an early inspection has not been carried out and the match Referee arrives at the ground to find the playing conditions in doubt due to unexpected deterioration in the weather, he should first consider as many of the above points before committing himself to a decision.
    In the event of a pitch inspection being carried out by a Referee other than the match Referee, a fee of half the Referee’s fee may be offered, plus travel expenses, paid by the Home Club. If the appointed Match Officials have reported to the ground they are entitled to their expenses plus half their match fee if the match is not played.
    If the game is postponed following the inspection, either by the match Referee or another Referee, if the match day Referee is aware that an Assessor is appointed, contact MUST be made with that Assessor as soon as the decision is made to avoid unnecessary travel.

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    Lots of good questions and answers on here, but I think the simple answer is that in future the club should post on social media "Pitch inspection at x a.m." or "No pitch inspection required" on Friday evening or early on Saturday morning.

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