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Thread: Barf City

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    Barf City

    Tomorrow promises to be a cracker and with that the missus books a weekend away in Bournemouth!!!

    Iím very kindly letting Chris and Rod have the flags tomorrow so if anyone could help put them up with them and take them down that would be smashing and I know how many pegs Iíve got btw 😂

    Look after my babies please people...

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    I watched the highlights of their 3 2 win against Torquay. They look really strong up front and their left back is rapid. However, both the goals they conceded were from corners so maybe we can get some joy there...

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    Iím feeling confident, so Iím going to say 2-1 to (Gloucester) City.

    Hopefully a good turnout tomorrow too. I think Bath will bring a few.

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    I'll be bringing a few tomorrow as well. Expecting an afternoon of misery with a sprinkling of despair.



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    Budgielips in attendance?
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Ha no.

    Mrs S and the daughter are nailed on fans these days so that's three of us, and if I can prise the boy from his X Box he usually comes along with a couple of friends in tow (who find a position in the ground as far as possible from their uncool elders). Next generation and all that.......

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    Good point that! Dulwich being pulled into the mixer and we have 3 clean sheets in a row, Mike cook has started very well indeed.

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    We did well. They were a decent side, they stretched the play, we just couldn't do that and looked to go down the middle a bit too much.

    Real shame we missed the penalty. Not sure why Hanksy didn't take it, don't think Jake will again!

    Must've been a nightmare for goalkeepers. It wasn't very pleasant for photographers.

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