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Thread: Sluff Town Coach 2/2/19

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    Good job it has a WC

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    Driving on to London after, so not this time dave.

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    Snow chance?

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    Got a chance as it's placcy I suppose?
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    That's a bit premature isn't it! Just saw it on twitter and thought it was a joke!

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    Quite frankly its a disgraceful decision. What's the point of having a 3G pitch if you aren't going to bother trying to sort out the stadium to make it fit? Given the pitch wouldn't have needed much work to have got the game on you would think they would have the chance to clear everything else. Also the forecast suggests it might well have melted in 24 hours time anyway. To call it off over 24 hours before the game given the circumstances is crazy and I just wonder if they didn't want the game on after they had to play on Tuesday night.

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    Far, far to early. Forest of Dean cleared already after quite an overnight fall. Cleared my drive at 9 this morning, thawed out and clear even though snow lying in places. Unfortunately the doom and gloom merchants forgot Brexit and concentrated on a couple of inches of snow. I am sure with a little bit of work by the home club the pitch and surroundings could have been given a good chance by 12 tomorrow. Would not have been allowed so prematurely in the old days with a certain other league Sec.

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    My other half is currently in Maidenhead and itís alredy thawed out and no more snow is expected. Although I did see pics of Sloughs ground earlier and it did look pretty bad tbh.

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    Predicted ground temperature tomorrow 5 degrees.......snow will be gone by midday. It’s pretty wet stuff and not the hard stuff. If we had been playing in Chicago I could understand the decision but hey ho. Really disappointed.......will hinder our run.

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