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Thread: Barf City

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    A good point....or 2 points lost thanks to a penalty miss? Great news that both Truro and Dulwich lost and are now in the mix, they must be getting nervous especially given East Thurrock and Weston's wins today along with our point vs a top 3 club. Hampton and Richmond must be looking over their shoulders nervously too- yet another "6 pointer" looming. Hard to disagree with Mawford being named MoM but JoJo must have run him close, a very assured performance (and an accidental but dangerous "shot" on goal that Clarke was relieved to see whizz over the bar). One minor irritant is the team news, or rather lack of it - Noah, Odin Bailey and Ryan Law all absent from the team sheet - trawling back on twitter I see Odin has in fact left the club. Hope that doesn't apply to Noah and Ryan!

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    All explained in Cookies interview Big Al.

    Headache and a groin strain, in that order.

    Odin left straight after last Saturdays game, sadly.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Ryan has gone back too.

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    Another fighting performance today - at last we’re playing as a team instead of like a group of individuals who have never met before. What’s more the passion is back throughout the team - not before time. Difficult to pick a MOTM today, no-one had a poor game effort wise.

    I agree that we’re still one or two cards short of a full deck, but at last I am starting to believe that we may manage to stay up. Not something that I would’ve said a month ago.

    Unfortunately other results today didn’t go our way, except for Hungerford losing. We’re now only in the bottom three on GD. There’s still a four point gap to TC & DH to overcome though, and at present it still looks like any three from the bottom four to go down.

    Fourteen matches to go and we probably still need sixteen (one win) to twenty points (three wins) to stay up, assuming no losses and remembering that every loss adds another win to the requirement.


    P.S. These clean sheets are costing me a fortune
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    We rode our luck at times but it was a heartening performance but where was Hanks for the penalty. He is the managers pick so why was Jackson stepping up?

    Overall a good team effort supporting each other and more than pleased to see Mawford get the MOTM award.

    But again we did not create many chances and scoring goals is the Achilles Heel which is likely to haunt our season. Fancy flicks by feet or head maybe ok on occasions but we need a target man to hold the ball up and get support.

    The 4-3-1-2 system worked to a certain degree to try and get more players into the box but in the process we allow the opposition to gain superiority of midfield control.

    Looking towards Slough it is another 3G pitch. So far played 2 won 2 on that sort of surface. Please find the back of the net from open play or the game is up. Sorry to seem negative after a battling display against Barf but management and players must look for the long term solution to gain the victories required to avoid relegation.

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    I went to see Dulwich play Chelmsford this afternoon although I was in the queue to get in for half an hour so missed the first two goals and didn't see what led to the sending off for Dulwich but was told it was two yellows. I thought Chelmsford would win easily after that but they made hard work of it, but apart from a couple of headers from corners in the 1st half Dulwich didn't really threaten. They look really low on confidence and they aren't confident enough to play their usual passing game at the moment. They are very much in this relegation battle and I can't see them sacking the manager so he is going to have to change something fast for their sake if they are to stay up.

    Good point for us giving I am sure we all thought we would get nothing. Like Colin says though we still need to strengthen up front although not keeping them out does at least mean we are picking up points. It is like we have gone back to the Ricco days where we were hard to beat, but couldn't score.

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    [QUOTE=Brandman;12687] Looking towards Slough it is another 3G pitch. So far played 2 won 2 on that sort of surface. [QUOTE]

    Sorry, misleading fans with incorrect data.

    It is 3 from 3 with wins at Oxford, Dorking and Cirencester.

    100% record is therefore under threat. Can City do it at Slough?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandman View Post
    we need a target man to hold the ball up and get support.
    Colin I agree that the lack of goals from open play is worrying. A target man is vital for the smaller quick players to play off.

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    Agree that a striker is the missing piece of the jigsaw. A signing like when we brought in Darren Edwards or Charlie Griffin would change our season. Not easy I appreciate, but hopefully we could sell them the challenge based upon having a solid defensive record and needing someone to fire us to safety.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandman View Post
    Sorry to seem negative after a battling display against Barf but management and players must look for the long term solution to gain the victories required to avoid relegation.
    Colin, you should consign that negativity to a desert island.

    I agree with most of the rest of your post though, we need to be scoring from open play. However, I think the last three games are a platform for doing so, clean sheets and steely determination around the pitch builds confidence in which the quality will surface to the top. I like to think of it as a footballing trifle. Yesterday's sponge bottom was mostly down to another excellent defensive organisation, with Mawford exceptional at LB (Meachamesque, almost). Jojo was absolutely superb in goal on a day when the wind and wettery made handling very difficult but he did not hesitate to come out and collect and did not make one mistake all game. His kicking is excellent reaching our forwards from goal licks against a strong wind. The Rovers lad looked very handy, not only good in the for for a littl'un, but showed for the ball at every opportunity, and worked his socks off closing down the oppo when they had the ball at their feet, buzzing like a fridge.

    Hanksy you've got to demand the ball for that penalty kick. You are the man in possession.

    More optimistic about our chances but we've got some hard work to do, and I cannot help but think that we need a good run of luck not just on the pitch but to avoid injury to our key positions to allow consistency and understanding to build. I'm think Spence, Sam, Jojo in particular.

    As I've always said, I think it will come down to how we play against those teams at the bottom, it's a mini league etc. and anything against the teams above will be bonus.

    Now let's crack on.

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