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Thread: Hungerford

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    At this rate we'll change our name to Gloucester City nil

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    I was really quit encouraged by that display, and a draw isn't the end of the world after going down to 10 very early on. On another day we could have scored three or four and one miss in particular today was astonishing, but they might have had a couple themselves. Saw the fight and desire for the first time in months, and reckon that we can pick up more points this season on that alone. Good crowd of 393.

    Its not over.

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    Not if Fabien sticks around and stays fit and motivated.

    If he keeps us up I'll get a French flag tattood on my left buttock.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Setting aside that we didnít take our chances (unfamiliarity with the concept ?) nor get the result, todayís was an enjoyable game. Better spirit, better skills, better system, better to come I reckon. Some of the best moments came from Odin Bailey I thought, e.g. that exquisite corner right at the end from which Fabien so nearly produced a winner

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    Two Plymouth lads did well I thought. The sending off, given the booking just before, seems pretty stupid looking back. Took all the Atmos out of the fans until last five mins.
    Come on Evesham, give that pitch a roll, bit of a joke at times

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    Heartening performance today. Looked much better than we have for months, even with only 10 men. Some good desire and effort out there, and some nice passing football in patches.

    All 4 new signings looked good. Fab is a class above and deserved to score and set one up.

    Keep playing like that and we're in with a fighting chance of survival.

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    For the first time since the Woking match we looked like scoring goals, but we didn’t.

    Very nearly stole the points at the death - demonstrated exactly why, when defending corners, you put a defender on the post.

    Sixteen matches to go - we probably need say twenty-four points - assuming no losses - that’s a minimum of four wins. For every loss we will need an extra win

    If we play like that in every match we have an outside chance of staying up.
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    With the good doctor being one of our more critical friends on here, if the Bobometer is straying into the optimistic zone (however slightly) then that's good enough for me. For tonight!

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    That was better ( Noah and Nigeglos I agree with u both) could have and should won 2-0 - Zaks spoon over from 6 yards and Mawfs sitter towards the end beautifully set up by Fabien . Lots of pluses ( apart from Knowlesís stupidity) .

    Strange that when thereís lots to moan or speculate about loads of entries - a home game with a decent performance and crowd only a handful of entries at 8.30pm on match day..... says it all.

    Ps nice to spend the second half alongside Jimmy Cox and his dad great company both.

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    Knowles was walking a tightrope with that ref especially after being booked for some silly challenges.
    Disappointed with just a draw but overall we played decent football with Zac showing us what he is capable of. Fabien could be our trump card.optimistic.

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