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Thread: Hungerford

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    Reminds me of the Worcester edits that showed in depth substitutions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandman View Post
    I do not disagree with your comments.
    I raise some of your points regularly.

    I think from the highlights point of view there are some unnecessary footage. But there is also a deadline in getting these highlights up so detailed editing can be difficult when processing so many games on a Saturday evening.

    I often also raise why sending offs are often not shown and the main reason is because the camera did not capture the incident. If someone tells me the incident involving Chris Knowles is on it then please let me know.

    The main reason for filming entire matches is so ALL clubs can download anyone’s match and watch it for scouting and tactical reasons. They are also available for discipline and misconduct reviews by the FA.

    But going back to the ads you have the email to complain to.
    Seems to me that too much workload has been taken on. Either there needs to be a larger team working on it or just don't bother. Could even be argued given the National League gets a highlights programme on BT that the attention could be given to the North/South leagues so better highlights are provided for there. Also given I would imagine pretty much all the National League clubs are going to provide superb highlights themselves and fans of those clubs are going to view them instead of what goes up on the National League site

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    More hits from NLP clubs on the adverts though. Never gonna happen.

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    Knickers to the quality of the our highlights at the moment (goals - what goals ? ) Just wish our current managerial team & players had been in place a week or so before Xmas, things may have been a lot better now what with the fixtures coming up. But forwards & upwards

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