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Thread: Guess whos back?

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    Sorry I meant John Mcririck.

    Tomorrow is very important - we cannot afford to be 7 points off safety and also need a win to boost confidence.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woody View Post
    Was this energy not present upon Chris Todds appointment?

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    Personally very happy with the signing of Zak, thought that it was unfair for Tim to send him on loan last season and I was surprised to see Tamworth buy him off us (been going through commentary clips for hours a day for the past week for some new music before tomorrow's game and he went for a fee) but I am chuffed he's back. We've lacked a player that isn't afraid to just run at defenders and to make the opposition think, and that's exactly what he does.
    Also judging by Zac's tweets he is up for the challenge and looking forward to being back home. Saying this though, I totally understand Darran's concerns but personally think it's fantastic he's back.
    Not been this excited for a match in a couple of months, it's a good start with the players that have come in and the squad looks much more balanced than this time last week, hopefully we get the points and the performance is there to match. Up the city!

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    Nobody has mentioned what it says about Robert in the statement about undergoing a fitness regime at FGR, maybe he was unfit, the fact he has come back suggests hes up for it, Je suis ala!

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