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Thread: City in Europe.

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    We had that couple visit from Germany when we played at Whaddon Road, although think that was more to do with the flooding rather than being fans.
    Dynamo Dresden fan I believe

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    Interestingly enough Spanish! I was born in St Paul’s Maternity Hospital. Cheltenham. It’s on my birth certificate. My first game was Gloucester City v Cheltenham in the 1950s. I’ve lived in Gloucester from about 6 months old and because of my previous home address at Barnwood in the dark ages, this was in the suburbs of the duchy of Cheltenhamshire......hence my demise.(my parents first lived with my grandparents their cottage has disappeared and would have been under the C and G roundabout next to Walls. I have followed City now for well over 60 years and as everyone knows have refereed them on several occasions as I moved to ‘Gods Country’ many years ago.

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    Until April

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