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Thread: Here it is

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    It's people who really care, that's what I like about this. Good luck to them.

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    To say this appointment has come out of left-field is an understatement; it's come straight out of 2003! And even then it would have been pretty poor and uninspiring.

    Well good luck Mike. I don't doubt your passion, and your coaches are some of my favourite ever City strikers. You've got a hell of a job on your hands though.

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    Can't believe they watched the Weston game and thought they could do something with that. But. This team appears to have lacked coaching, so, this could well be a master stroke.

    And if I don't see Baylo at work tomorrow I'll be disappointed!

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    My instinct was that this appointment was to be welcomed. Mike is a bright, amiable and determined guy, who wonít need too much advice from us because he is steeped in football tactics. Iíve read the reservations and admit to understanding them but Iím going with my instincts. Good luck Mike

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Tango View Post
    Whatís to be puzzled about..From what I gather from being in the know heís coaching John Terry to get his UEFA coaching license and JT is hardly shit is he?

    Back to basics with local lads with who you would want in the trenches with you in battle and through thick and thin

    The ideal people we want to bring us home

    Up the effing City
    From being in the know 😂 it's not hard to get coaching badges it's how you adapt and your knowledge of football. not who you work with to get them.

    Like I said wish them the best of luck and hoping for good times to be back at City

    Everyone wants the same thing to be back home and successful
    So let's all unite and stop the nip picking like girls in a fucking playground and get behind the team and coaches.

    up the city

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    And I thought it was nit-picking.

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    Hmm not sure about this although I thought Ricco was a bad move and Todd a good one so I don't have a great track record. Must admit not sure its passion we need rather than better players than we have at the moment. Anyway it goes without saying that I hope they can keep us in the league.

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    Player recruitment looks the most problematic challenge, as before

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    When I saw them on Saturday I had high hopes they would be joining.

    As players.

    I wonder whether they had already been lined up to replace Toddy, and that was why they were at the game. If not I reckon that Rodders and Chris must have looked around the ground after the debacle on the pitch to see who else might want the job. It was a close call between these desperados and Fred Squires.

    Good luck chaps. I'm right behind you.

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    Did they wangle a 18 month contract like Toddy and what if they fail to improve the results, how long have they got.

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