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    Good luck Mike - you are going to need it!

    Quite surprised we have ignored Beadle again as he seemed the obvious appointment given his experience.

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    Iím shocked by that appointment, doesnít say much for the club future, smacks of Southern League to be honest.

    Good luck to Mike, Iím right behind you, please prove everyone wrong because Iím sure Iím not the only one puzzled by this.

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    Didnít see this one coming, good luck Mike. Has he managed elsewhere prior to his appointment?

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    I'll just phone my bro to reserve a place in the Southern League

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    Presuming this is him

    If Wiki to be believed managed Cinderford for two years a decade ago.

    Also this on the PFA site

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    Useful in a punch up, ask Bedworth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    I'll just phone my bro to reserve a place in the Southern League
    A few local games there in the south Merthyr, Poole,our old pals Farnborough, in the central Kings Lynn, Leiston and Lowstoft. Keep playing like we are and the season after we will have Cinderford, Melksham, Street and Slimbridge. Heavan help us.

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    8 years as PFA regional coach should give him hopefully plenty of contacts. I did actually name him (not on here) but it was more of an aside than me actually thinking he would be getting the job! Anyway, good luck to him, Baylo and Hoskins.

    Any manager coming in has a battle on their hands as the players will not only be low on confidence but the team is full of loans, most of which are worse than what has been released. Get the lads playing together and show what they can do. But we absolutely need some more quality and I'm just preying they can find us that.

    From what I understand Beadle didn't even apply and to be brutally honest - we are a team 1 from bottom playing in a field in Worcestershire with a playing budget less than a lot of the divison below have I would bet. It's not gonna be the most appealing of roles to take.

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    Can't be any worse than Ricco or Toddy can he.

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