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Thread: GAME, SET and MATCH

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    Free up a lot of the playing budget by getting rid of the players who've got us into this mess.

    None of our summer signings have proved themselves to be good enough for this level.

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    I don't really see any difference finance wise with us staying up or going down as long as we get back home tbh. Torquay will be gone, probably Woking too so if we stay south there's no away crowds potentially massaging the gates. We could be shifted north and not many fans are gonna want to go to Evesham if we are still there plus more northern teams now are Yorkshire and North East so travel costs will be huge.

    If we go down, I think the team as it stands would be mid table nothingness but with a bit of investment could quite conceivably get promotion. A team returning home winning games would bring more crowds than a team a level above losing more than they win and perennially struggling to stay above water. The above says more about the "I'll go when they get back to Gloucester" bullshitters than anything though. Most of the people I've seen whinging and moaning online don't go and haven't been since we've even been exiled yet expect Eamonn to spend tens of thousands of his money on wages and transfer fees when they can't even be arsed to spend 3 quid on the 94 bus and less than a twenty pound note to watch "their" football club.

    The irony is he's been to more games than most of those. However had we got to the first round proper and drawn Sunderland away the hundreds that baulk of the idea of leaving the City to watch us would be bombarding Dave for coach spaces to travel there.

    What my descending into a rant post above is trying to say is, the hardcore 3-400, will still be there regardless and that the missing generation and lapsed fans will find an excuse whether we stay up or go down.

    That said of course I want us to be as high up the pyramid as possible and we have to do as much as we can to attempt to do that. But returning home needs to be paramount.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom Joly's Publicist View Post
    If we go down, I think the team as it stands would be mid table nothingness
    Totally disagree. Double drop.

    You get used to losing.

    This team can't score goals.

    Biggleswade made us look like chumps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveangel View Post
    We must win a must win game eventually, surely!
    Iíve been saying that for at least the last month and we havenít won one yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveangel View Post
    Said the same earlier.

    Record low points haul for the team who finish fourth from bottom this season I think.

    We CANNOT afford to let the gap go to 7 points on Saturday though.

    We must win a must win game eventually, surely!
    Hopefully so.

    I havenít been to as many games this season but I havenít actually seen us so much as draw!

    Hopefully that will change next week.

    Saturday is critical. We know it, but the players know it too, so Iím sure theyíll come out and go for it.

    In an odd way Iím looking forward to this Saturday, Iím still confident weíll stay up - we just need that first win to give the boys some confidence.

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    I've always worked off the logic that a point a game should keep you up. We're way off that at the moment.

    That said, Dave is right that the amount of crap teams (us very much included) means that the bar might end up very low this season.

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    For the past month how many times have we heard the powers above are doing all they can. The supporters have had no information regarding what they are doing getting fed up with people saying the power above are doing all they can and with no action. Everyone is hurting with the position but come on how many times can we say the power above are working tirelessly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    Totally disagree. Double drop.

    You get used to losing.

    This team can't score goals.

    Biggleswade made us look like chumps.
    I don't think we would do the double drop as I don't think we are in as bad shape as a North Ferriby or a Whitehawk. I know we are bad at the moment, but you would hope that a new manager can at the very least turn things around in the summer. Also since the 4th league has been added their is little depth in those leagues now. Going down would be a disaster though as getting promoted from Step 3 is really hard. There are only 6 spots and 4 leagues so two play off winners are going to miss out for a start. If we go down I fear it will be a good few years before we get back up.

    I have wondered on here in the past if going down and winning more games might help crowds when we went back to Gloucester, but that was when you were guaranteed promotion if you won the play-offs. Now that isn't the case I personally would put staying at this level above moving back home because unless we are in the promotion hunt Southern League Football is hardly going to be that appealing to the non hardcore and the away numbers will also reduce even more. I would imagine also that we get more sponsorship money at Step 2 so that would have an affect on the budget as well. Brandman might know more on that front.

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    You are right, the lower down the less sponsorship money that comes your way to supplement overall costs. It is one of the reasons that the EFL do not want three up and down. In a nutshell it drops from around £900k to £90k and at Step 2 down to around £18k. So Step3 will be less.

    Obviously the loss is offset by the playing budget costs so that is why so many little clubs now with the right financial backing can get close to the EFL and in some cases make it. My old club is a prime example and whilst monied clubs get abuse from fans of other clubs, it makes for interesting times. Managed properly making the holy grail allows the financier to claw back investment made in getting there. Mr Vince is shrewd.

    Some of the points raised by you are also valid and people running clubs have to look at all options. Chris Todd was told when he came in to get rid of players. He did but what discussion took place on what replacements were available in the market place at that time. Saying the playing budget is the same as last year is a misnomer in its simplest terms. I know back when I was involved as a consultant in Boris,s day the budget was £98k. And that included management staff and players. I would not be surprised that will have risen but not by much. When the average budget in NLS is circa £200k, I suspect City are way below that and the Club has often stated it is. £3k or £3-5k per week does not help you attract the sort of key players needed to get out of the hole it is now in. Sadly that is why clubs at our level use the loan system so much. And that very rarely turns up a gem.

    There is more to running a football club also than just throwing money at it. It will often benefit but comes at a price. And clubs in the NL can no longer divert taxes due and other debts to the playing budget. Gone are those dark days - thankfully! There are strong sanctions in place now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Woody View Post
    The facts are that during our time in exile we've had people involved in the club who have had the experience and knowledge required to keep a club like ours operating at National South level, especially in our unique circumstances of being homeless since 2007.

    Colin has been involved in the past and has no doubt provided numerous points of advice to the various boards that have been in place during this time.

    Tim Harris, Shaun Wetson, Mike Dunstan, Nick Preece, Taff, Colin and probably more that I've forgotten to mention have for a variety of reasons stepped away from their roles with the club over the last couple of years.

    We may now have people involved who have the resources and experience to deliver a new stadium back in Gloucester but, have those people got the experience and knowledge required to keep a club like ours operating at National South level??

    I'm yet to be convinced.
    Yet to be convinced?

    Maybe you should try attending a fixture and seeking out these people and explain your concerns!

    And what footballing experience did Dunstan and Co actually really have?

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