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Thread: GAME, SET and MATCH

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    Let those people who are winding things up put there money where there mouth is and then they can have a say otherwise just get behind those who are working hard to get the club out of this mess

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Tango View Post
    Yet to be convinced?

    Maybe you should try attending a fixture and seeking out these people and explain your concerns!

    And what footballing experience did Dunstan and Co actually really have?

    I will not bite to that quote BUT for those who might not know.

    I was brought into the Club in the role of consultant in 2012 by EMG and then Chairman Nigel Hughes, with a planned leaving date of May 2014 because of moving to a (dream) job at the National League. So less than 2 years of hard graft and time.

    My initial remit was to undertake a review of the Club, help clear debts, reorganise the club structure, find new sponsors and assist on the plans to return home to Gloucester. I would like to think that I delivered despite some cynicism at the time. I held two Open meetings to keep fans up to date and let the wider public know of where the club was. I always liaised with the Trust to make sure their finances were best used.

    When I left my role the club was debt free and at the end of 13/14 the club made a profit of £6k and EMG and another stakeholder paid the least they ever had over the years involved. Therefore the club was in better shape when I left than when I arrived. I just did the job and along the way introduced a number of people to it. Nick Priest for one was excellent in his role. Shaun Wetson was a constant brick and Mike Dunstan would bleed for this Club. I am sure I do not have to say anything to raise the status of Ian Compton with the City faithful. Likewise Tim Harris.

    I have actually supported City since 1967 and with my time in the game I do believe know a few things. I may have gained most of my knowledge and experience at FGR but before that spent many years with other leagues and footballing authorities. Much I did or do is unseen and I still help the Club.

    From my own personal knowledge many others have also played an important role and to dismiss them lightly or discredit them is shameful. And in a lot of cases they have done more than I have ever done.

    I want to see City a successful club but it doesn’t just happen. People will make their own decisions. I know I make mine and I am never influenced by what others may think of me or say about me but personal attack is unhelpful to the cause. Think on!!
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    Despite all the positivity that came with the new board last year I now feel at the lowest I have been as a City fan, I know a lot of other people feel that way too.

    Iím appreciative of the work being done now, but itís not going to help matters having pops at people that have come before. The fact is Mike Dunstan, Tim Harris etc have put thousands of hours into this club, unpaid, got this club promoted to this level, kept us here and brought a professionalism.

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    Iím not for one second questioning their dedication to the causes we all know that is second to none and get not be faulted..

    My main gripe was with Woddy when asking basically in a nutshell do the new board actually know anything about football?

    I see a lot that goes on now and despite what some think they are working 24/7 to sort this out and get us home

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    We'll find out at this month's forum...

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    Is there a date for the forum ?

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    No one is doubting the desire of the present incumbents.

    Woody is right we have lost so many experienced off field football people.

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    They left of their own accord though.

    To grow as a club we need to evolve and that means not being constantly reliant on the same people as we have been for the past 20 years, both on and off the field, however painful that might be in the short term. Weíll have learnt from the past few months and hopefully it will make us stronger.

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    Indeed. The likes of myself, Taff, Matty, Phil Warren, Mike Dunstan have all been burnt out by the demands of being a volunteer with responsibilities that outweighed our free time. It's time for a new crop to have their go, lets not dwell on that too much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Tango View Post
    And what footballing experience did Dunstan and Co actually really have?
    A number of seasons of keeping City in the Conference North/South for a start.

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