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    Quote Originally Posted by Nigeglos View Post
    We have a defensive coach, a midfield coach, is Boris free to take the forward coaching ? ...... Suspect many will disagree but it needs someone to help us score goals
    My thoughts exactly. I'd have Boris back in an instant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby View Post
    My thoughts exactly. I'd have Boris back in an instant.
    A retrograde step IMO, ok CT was a new broom who unfortunately didn’t sweep clean he sadly brought in in good faith players he thought could do the business for us, he was badly let down.
    Agree with Young Alfie, AW can be on the same bus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by young alfie View Post
    Good luck for the future Chris take Andre with you . RAY TANGLE for caretaker manager.
    Nah youíre alright I like it up north to much

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    So who comes in now?

    It would be very ironic should we appoint Beadle after all the Hereford stuff this season! But he has had genuine success and was incredibly unlucky to have been given the boot by them. You'd imagine players like Martin Horsell, Elliott Richards, Mike McGrath and John Mills could be realistic signings.

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    Absolutely the right decision, nice guy but hasnít worked out.

    Onwards and upwards now, weíve got a dogfight on our hands and weíve got to start the charge to safety on Saturday. Iím looking forward to that game a lot more now.

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    New manager wise, I think Beadle would be good if we can get him and like Chris is saying he can bring in some older heads.

    I see Boris being mentioned too - I love Boris as a person and heíd be good to come in and put a rocket up the players short term but I donít see him as a long term replacement.

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    Beadle was successful with best budget and players seriously better than the league they were in. Glos very different I would think

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    Whoever is appointed, surely it will be initially until the end of the season. The club can't make the same mistake of putting a new manager on an 18mth contract.

    And, please don't post pics on social media of the manager search being conducted using sports cars and helicopters, and using the #noisyneighbours hashtag. It gives the impression that we've got cash to burn when clearly we haven't!!!

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    I understand candidates are already being interviewed. Assessments start at 2pm in the Savoy this afternoon.

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