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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom Joly's Publicist View Post
    So who comes in now?

    It would be very ironic should we appoint Beadle after all the Hereford stuff this season! But he has had genuine success and was incredibly unlucky to have been given the boot by them. You'd imagine players like Martin Horsell, Elliott Richards, Mike McGrath and John Mills could be realistic signings.
    This is my top pick, especially if he can bring some good signings in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe View Post
    This is my top pick, especially he can bring some good signings in.
    Will he? Can he?

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    If Beadle did come in and do well would be nice to get one over on Hereford, The fact that he is a free agent Is a bonus as no compensation needed.

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    Iím sorry it hasnít worked out with Chris, but this is the best way forward for us. And for him as well.

    I agree that Beadle would be a good shot. Heís out of work so we wouldnít have to pay to release him from a contract, he has experience and he was at the game on Saturday so was quite possibly doing his research!

    That said I wasnít convinced that be was the man to take Hereford to the National League Premier and beyond but right now we need someone who can keep us in this league and he can definitely do that.

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    Does anyone in the know - know if Mr Beadle was interviewed along with CT?

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    What about Ray he's quite well in at the moment, any news on the management front mate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by young alfie View Post
    What about Ray he's quite well in at the moment, any news on the management front mate.
    Phil Gough 🤫

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    Interesting statement Chris has made on his Twitter. He thinks we could have got more points in 10 of the 12 league games he manged us in. Not sure what games he was watching to think that to be honest.

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    Dominated first half Vs Hemel missing some easy looking chances and then there's Woking and Torquay.. Otherwise more a case of being fortunate to even secure a single point.

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    Interesting that he mentions resources, the impression that the Aston Martins and Helicopters give is that he had far more resources than Rico, Tim and Boris had at their disposal.

    Could there be more problems ahead for the club I wonder???

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