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    Left the club by mutual consent

    Thank you for the efforts, sadly it just hasnít worked out. Good luck for the future

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    Very sad that this came about, but it had to be. Nice bloke, wish him well, but it had to change.
    Onwards and UPWARDS !!!

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    Surprised after that statement yesterday but this is the right decision, sadly it just wasn't working and he's done the right thing. I don't think anyone wishes the guy any ill thought but had he stayed and we continued to lose that would have changed. Wish Chris all the best in the future but onwards and upstairs for City now. Really hope we see a different City this weekend and the lads can galvanise together and put in the kind of display we all know they are capable of.

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    Sadly the position had become untenable given the vast majority of fans wanted him gone and every chance some of the players did as well. Real shame it hasnít worked out as it looked a superb appointment at the time.

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    Good news. Thanks Chris for your efforts. Lovely bloke, but it just didn't work out. Good luck for the future.

    Onwards and upwards. Let's turn this season round.

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    Best wishes Chris, a clearly lovely guy who I wish health and happiness for him in the future.
    On paper an excellent appointment but for some reason it didnít work out, things like this happen in football.
    Luckily our season is still there to be saved.
    That said some of the players he signed need to look at themselves in the mirror and if necessary get themselves a pair of balls!
    Letís see if Webby can create miracles.

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    This is the right decision, extremely odd given yesterdays annoucement but as Darran said, his position had become untenable, he'd lost 95% of the fans support and it sounds like also possibly the dressing room.

    The season starts Saturday.

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    We have a defensive coach, a midfield coach, is Boris free to take the forward coaching ? ...... Suspect many will disagree but it needs someone to help us score goals

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    Good luck for the future Chris take Andre with you . RAY TANGLE for caretaker manager.

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    I think we aught to rename the club "Rollercoaster City", I don't know of any other club that has gone through as mad a season as we are going through. All the best to Chris for the future, I really wished it had worked out for him and the club.
    I admit to not coming to many games this season, 2 in total, a couple of reasons, one being the distance is just too much and second the results, I hate driving back in a mood and shouting at every driver I pass. I hope that the season can be turned around and the effort will then be made to attend more, if not I will see you all at the New Meadow Park.

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