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Thread: Steve Portway

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    And that Staines game, Hallam bagged two and was in a spell of eight goals in six games. I don't know what halcyon means but those were halcyon days.

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    Thanks to a mixture of living away, playing regularly myself, and mediocre match profile and media compared to these days, I didn't really see City much between 92 and 01 or pay much interest. I read with envy about such times and players whose names I recognise but barely saw, as we were a force to be reckoned with. Comparatively these days we are eating scraps from the table, although I did enjoy the feasts of the late 80s.

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    When we were at our peak, I can remember going to games not wondering if we would win but how much we would win by. Feels a long time ago now and miles away from where we are. Still, maybe, one day ....

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