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Thread: Steve Portway

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    Steve Portway

    A real good article on Steve Portway by Jon Palmer...Thought Id bang on here as only 0.000006 % do social media...

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    Its an excellent piece about a wonderful talent

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    I'm sure I've read this it a recycled piece?

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    Was there stood next to Mr Matt for his last game against Staines where he scored. Remember at the time being spoilt with the forward line we had, Portway, Hallam and Holmes to name just three.

    Didn't realise the form Steve P was in prior to his injury, without that injury who knows how many goals he would have scored for us.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noah View Post
    It’s an excellent piece about a wonderful talent
    Not only a wonderful talent, but a really likeable chap as well.

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    Remember his first goal at Gresley, running down the hill. He was never going to miss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drbob View Post
    Not only a wonderful talent, but a really likeable chap as well.
    Jon Palmer said the same thing about interviewing him

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    I remember Hallam and Baylis playing together, won everything in the air from crosses usually from the right if I remember rightly, though memory is strange, seem to see things through rose tinted glasses!

    What a pair if only we had something like the pair of them now!

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    Remember Hallam at Merthyr the day before Murphy was sacked. He looked an absolute donkey. We lost.

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    That Staines game that was mentioned seemed to be a one off for Portway. He hadn't played for months.

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