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    Mobile App

    Iíve seen that Concord Rangers are the first non-league club to create their own app. Iíve installed it to see what itís like and i was pretty impressed.

    I guess you can imagine what my next question is.....any ideas if this is something planned for City in the future? I get the feeling that apps are used more than websites now so it would be great if itís something that we can do.

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    Interesting that Concord have been supersonic in developing this. What exactly is on their app? Never downloaded a club app so can't imagine what sort of stuff it would contain, especially for a non-league team where you're not trying to buy advance tickets etc.

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    I have the app for the Spanish club that I follow and the problem seems to be is that it doesnít get updated as much as the official page therefore i donít use it,The other option is to have one or the other( app or official page) the problem with this is external people canít find out information from us.

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    Itís got the usual stuff. Player profile, videos, club shop. Pretty much everything youíd expect on a website.
    Theyíve also got a section for what looks like their own radio station.
    Nice to see a non league club introducing something like this though.

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