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Thread: Biggleswade

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    Someone said that the Biggles Wade were like the Moscow Spartak Ultras but I don’t believe it. Or you could read that sentence as a means to get a thread running for our important Trophy match

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    People joke that if we got relegated we’d have play the likes of Biggleswade, well they totally schooled us today and that’s where we are at the moment. It was basically 3-0 as our goal was a total gaffe by them. FA Trophy run ends one game in for like the 7th time in 8 years.

    It doesn’t seem like anything is working. Todd’s had quite a few games now and we’ve picked up 1 draw. It’s getting really hard to stay positive at the moment.

    Hussaini looked bright and looks like he can do something positive for us.

    I think quite a few of the players aren’t good enough, where are the leaders in this team? The Coupe’s, Hogg’s etc. We seem to have a team of nice guys.

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    I normally keep my counsel but exactly what I said too. No leaders on the field.
    When City were gifted a goal I thought they might see that as an opportunity to kick on but no pattern of play emerged.

    Hussain is obviously a cut above the rest but you need good players around you and Meadow Clark is so right. The opposition was from a league below and in real terms nothing to shout about.

    It is going to be a long long season and the games still to come against Hungerford, East Thurrock and WSM are going to be critical. Let’s not mince words after that performance.
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    Words fail me. Actions speak louder - I left before the final whistle for the first time ever

    Waders third goal was the final straw.

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    Well how embarrassingly poor was that. I can’t take any positives at all ( young Hussain maybe the exception). Sadly Meadow Clark’s second paragraph is worryingly true and the results don’t lie.
    An old football saying I know but let’s concentrate on the league and stay up.
    Dr Bob we were right behind you.

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    Personally would prefer we got grizzly old timers with NL experience ie like Symo at Hereford changed the game when he came on! Poor today and a quick response and a result!
    Smutty boys are lonely boys!

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    They were the better team from start to finish. We have some good players there but none of them seem to have the nous to get behind the back four of a team from the league below.

    How long before we start to question the managerial appointment? It's not working.

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    Agree Neil, being nice doesn’t win games. This “after you Claude “ attitude has to stop now!!
    Relegation form

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    Love the commentary!

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