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Thread: Woking

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    Can we get our first point under CT tonight, here is hoping the promising performances turn into results.

    Will we have a different keeper in goal if our current Albion loanee is on international duty?

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    Woking brings back some great memories. I think that home and away in 2003 was our only games against them too until now.

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    That game at Woking is one of the best away games - and the video commentary confirms that I shared the victory with the boy Goiugh. Memorable

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    shame that Radio Surry is covering this and not Glos radio

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    3-1 up and lost 3-4

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    Sounded like a great performance against the joint top team. Weíll hopefully be ready for that run of massive games in December/January?

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    We were 1/1000 to win or draw that with about 10 minutes to go before Bet365 took that market down. Sounds like we partly have the new keeper to blame for gifting them a 3rd.

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    Thatís a hard pill to swallow, we actually played well tonight and more than matched Woking. Great to score 3 as well, Jackson finished well for the third.

    Weíve got a big problem in defence which should be the next port of call for Todd. 3-1 up and 3-2 up going into stoppage time is unfortunately a bottle-job to lose that. Itís the manner of the goals we concede thatís so disappointing, week upon week it always seems to be penalties, early goals, late goals, mistakes.

    Hopefully if he can get the forwards/midfield playing like they were tonight and sort the defence out we should start climbing the league.

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    Pretty distraught after that. 3-2 up and we looked pretty comfortable but one mistake completely turned the game around. To be fair he made a great save in the first half.
    I think we had about half a seasons worth of bad luck in one game tonight but we made one of the top sides in the league look barely average tonight.
    Also, Andre gets better every game and Jackson always seems to score when he plays. If we played anyone outside of the top 3 or 4 I think we could have been out of sight (with a half decent referee as well)

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    Do we only play top 6 sides under Todd!
    Sounds a great performance and CT knows what needs to be improved,At least we scored more than 1 or 2 goals in a league game I canít remember when that happened last. Keep believing it will come. Up the city.

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