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Thread: Supporters Trust Annual Draw

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    Supporters Trust Annual Draw

    I would like to confirm that the Trust are launching the annual draw this coming Saturday.

    If you are a T Ender or Supporters Trust member there will be an envelope for you with draw tickets for you to sell to your family, friends and work colleagues.

    Of course anyone can sell tickets, please go to the shop and pick up the tickets

    This is always the fundraiser that raises the most money for the Trust so here is to another good year.

    Many thanks as always for your support

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    So the King Family have done their best impression of a human conveyor belt in folding letters, label on envelope, counting batches of raffle tickets and stuffing them in the envelope.

    Its all systems go, please pick up your envelope this afternoon from the club shop (and save me lots of postage!)

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    Thanks to those who picked up their tickets last Saturday.

    I have just franked the rest from work, so don't be alarmed if you get something through the post from "LivaNova" I have paid the postage so their is no cost to the trust.

    First money has already come into the bank!

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    Excellent Trev and thank you

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    Sent you my receipts and cheque for said raffle today.
    Smutty boys are lonely boys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shurdyrover View Post
    Sent you my receipts and cheque for said raffle today.
    Thanks Shurdyrover

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    Bump! Don't forget to bring your ticket stubs and money to the game tomorrow, hand them in at the shop or to me

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    Don't forget that the annual draw will be made in the club house after the match this coming Saturday.

    If you have ticket stubs and money still, please hand them to me or to Sally / Taff in the club shop beforehand

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    Thanks to everyone who bought tickets, donated prizes and to Taff for calling out the winners tonight, see below list of winners;

    First Prize - 250.00 - Mr Peter Beaumont
    Second Prize - Match Day Hospitality for Four - F Sparker
    Third Prize - Hamper - Joy Hammonds

    Other prizes

    Tin of Biscuits - Tim Lezard
    Bottle of Port - Nana
    Tin of Biscuits - Ken Fagin
    Bottle of Wine - Kev Avery
    Box of Chocolates - A Smith
    Bottle of Wine - Ken Green

    If you haven't already picked up your prizes, please do so at the next game

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    Can't believe the Ken Green didn't win the match day hospitality

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