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Thread: Tim & Ricco

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    Tim & Ricco

    Hereford fans seem to have this conspiracy theory that Ricco is Tim's son in law

    Doesn't seem like either of them have much time left there now after that FCUM result and their drop into the relegation zone. Forums and social media are full of disgruntled supporters wanting them out and it's interesting to note how both of them and some of their players are subjected to personal abuse on Twitter and the like. Some of their fans have delusions of grandeur, they are a new entity not Hereford United anymore and the National League is not the Midland league playing tinpot village clubs. But that said nobody in their right mind would have expected this to go any other way surely? His brand of football, continual use of Hartpury linked personnel and lack of "passion" from the touchline was continually spoken about on here and given our homeless situation, our expectations would be way less than that of Hereford's.

    Failure to beat Southport midweek surely spells the end for them? Some will disagree, but I don't think there will be too many shedding a tear after the way this was all handled.

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    Thereís about 6 threads on their forum wanting them out...half expected them to have left today as Ricco didnít even do a post match interview after the FC loss,I think if there next home game is not a win that will be it,Disgusting when abuse is given on the online, opinions yes but abuse never.
    I said that when he left if it didnít work out he wonít get another job as a manager and I still stand by that.

    It is funny though how on paper the Hereford job is more atractive (next year a different story)and CT has a similar record to Ricco since they both started but no way will we be calling for CT to go I think itís a reverse situation at City that we all back our manager, Nobody wanted Boris to leave before TH came in so even though CT wonít have such a good budget I think he is at a better club to be manager not to mention whatís happening with the ground and the plans our board have for the future! COYY

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spanish tiger View Post
    There’s about 6 threads on their forum wanting them out...half expected them to have left today as Ricco didn’t even do a post match interview after the FC loss
    He did do one, I watched it on their Facebook page and the comments were amusing

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    Absolutely agree with what you say about the HFC fickle fans visions of grandeur - as you say they are not Hereford United! I saw the first game v Blyth(poor side on day) won 3-0 but writing was on the wall, the side was not good enough by a country mile to challenge in NLN! For whatever reason Beadle did not bring in the quality they needed and let Mills for all his problems go who would score 20 goals for them! We are getting HFC fans at Westfields games now rather than go over the road!
    Toddy can be thankful he will not get the vitriol from City fans like TH etc are getting, as you say their appointments were generally not welcomed by the fans!
    Anyway let us worry about getting 6 points in the next week!
    Smutty boys are lonely boys!

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    Also going of the thread a bit anybody see Matt Yates error which cost them a goal and then nearly gifted them a fourth after nearly dropping a shot straight at him? Maybe feeling the pressure as well, Grass isnít always greener....

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    There is a thread on their forum about him too. "Vertically challenged Derby reject" is one bit of feedback.

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    Having watched Hereford at Highgate a couple of times and at the sold out decider at Alvechurch they have their fair share of mindless oafs who are used to success and struggle to cope with losing as they did in one game at Highgate.

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    Sacked in the morning? 0-3 down at home to one of only two teams beneath them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CityGull View Post
    Sacked in the morning? 0-3 down at home to one of only two teams beneath them.
    Puts them second from bottom with less than ten minutes to go

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    And who said that football wasn't entertainment!

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