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Thread: Hemel v's City

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    The Hemel fan sitting behind me was sure that we would score ‘sooner or later’ based on our first half performance (it was very much later) and was impressed with our first half performance, especially with Joey.

    Worked hard in the second half without any impact and personally was not impressed with Harry Williams performance. Didn’t get involved when we didn’t have the ball and stood off the action in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by young alfie View Post
    The trap door beckons Toddy has a lot of work to sort this one out but if anyone can he can I would rather be in his shoes than Riccos tonight.
    Definitely. They arenít a happy bunch over on the Hereford forum tonight!

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    Not very happy at all in the Sun Valley of Hereford

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    Agree that Odin has real promise but he is a creative force rather than a ball winner. It left us short in midfield despite a great shift from Knowlsey. We basically started 4 1 3 2 - at times 4-1-5. So were very susceptible to counter attacks. My main issue is how Noah is having to be used. For much of the first half he was spending his main efforts looking after his tricky and fast winger which curtailed his ability/freedom to get forward. In the second half, after the winger was substituted, he operated as an out and out wing back and looked the top quality operator he is. Getting a left back to free up our best player for a more central role seems to me to be a priority.
    Congratulations to the choir, comfortably out performing the only sing when we're 2-0 up home fans!

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    What's wrong with Joey? OK for next game?

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    Toddy said in the interview that he'd taken a good whack and was going to need a scan, so not hopeful for Wednesday I'd say.

    Regarding Alan's post, I couldn't agree more. Hopefully a left sided defender is imminent to free up Noah to operate further up the pitch.
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    Disappointing but not surprised- we seemed a bit thin on the bench is Fabien still with us?

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    We've scored the joint lowest in the league. 0.68 goals per game. Main priority for me is a striker who can score goals. I remember we were in a similar drought some years back and got Charlie Griffin in and he scored 8 in 10 games and pushed us into the top half. An experienced goal scorer like that would turn our season around.

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    Harry Warwick shot at every opportunity last week when he came on, is he the man?

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    I agree we do need to see Noah up the pitch, but fully agree with Joe. An experienced striker who can score goals is exactly what has to be the main priority.

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