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Thread: Jamie Edge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dom Joly's Publicist View Post
    He's a Gloucester lad and with Arsenal on his CV has some pedigree...but...let's not carried away here. Some people in our support are referring to him on social media like he was a footballing God and not a bloke that has largely been anonymous continually in a city shirt. The occasional pretty good performance isn't good enough when it's 1 out of 9. His passing is good and he has improved but frankly we are in a relegation battle, as of now at least, and we have a "luxury" player already in Fabien who is a better player than Edge. We need a combative midfielder with some grit who can also weigh in with some goals. Lee Mansell anyone?
    Good post... For a long time GCFC have been “too nice” because the expectations have been low but things are changing and if CT has to make tough decisions so be it as he is the one that has a wealth of experience in the professional game, it’s the only way to move forward.

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    Don't you like it?

    Imagine not only being crucified but having to look at your naked ass while doing so!

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    Would you prefer it if I popped on some PVC trousers?
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Hot Pants!

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    Quote Originally Posted by young alfie View Post
    A managers job is difficult and sometimes unpopular decisions have to be made like Spencer being subbed in the first half but watching the game you could understand why.Sam scored a real good header but in the second half made the biggest mistake of his career when we were attacking fell over the ball and gave it to Dartford two passes and we were behind Being a young team perhaps it's time for guidance and a fresh captain to shake things up on the pitch. I'm sure Chris Todd will know what's got to be done and wont hesitate to get the job done . In Toddy we trust.
    Spencer came off cause he was injured

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    CT has began to make changes and quite rightly so.
    True Jamie has improved tremendously recently but not difficult in a struggling side, Dom Joly is spot on, the days for sentiment are over. To quote Dirty Harry “legends in their own minds” could be applicable to some of the players who I have always said are decent Southern league standard.
    Our league position tells it all.We are all very excited by the appointment of CT the first new manager in a generation who has had no previous connections with the Club.Nepotism is sometimes unhealthy and to get fresh ideas from CT is to be encouraged.
    We need to stay in the league and to do so difficult decisions have to be made.We have a new man at the helm ..let him manage!!
    He will stand and fall by his decisions, time will tell

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    There are some very good posts on here already. Football is a business and our business is to stay in this league. I remember working for someone who when he left for work was going the lay off (sack) an employee who frankly was not good enough. The likelihood was that person would lose their home etc as a result. At our level this might not be as drastic but the principle is the same in football. It’s all very well being nice but we are near the relegation zone and Toddy has a responsibility to sort it even if some of our favourites are moved on. My only concern is that in the past players who have been brought in were no better than those who left....time will tell.
    Thanks for your efforts Jamie.
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    No complaints that we need to change things around and move forward.

    There are ways to manage those conversations though, as there is in any job and it’s important to do it in a sensitive and empathetic way, if only to show the players/employees that remain that they will be treated in the right way, with respect. Any ‘poorly’ handled situation could impact on how they feel going forwards, especially if they have a strong connection with the departing player/employee.

    That’s my opinion and I am obviously talking hypothetically as I haven’t been party to the discussions.

    Jamie coached my son on numerous occasions at the GC football camps and (don’t tell Joe) Jamie was his favourite coach and he always took time to talk to us when we saw him. So, I wish him all the best.

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    I have to agree entirely with the last poster, except that Joey Parker was/is my daughter's favourite coach and causes some bemusement when she is asked who her favourite players are - Messi, Neymar, Joe Parker

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Van Der Floof View Post
    Spencer came off cause he was injured
    And I thought he came off because he was playing awful

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