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Thread: Jamie Edge

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    AT least it was not by text as i have heard in the past

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDE View Post
    AT least it was not by text as i have heard in the past
    I was thinking the same,because of his Cheltenham conection it made it to local press but itís a nothing story,people forget that City gave him a chance after being released from a side lower in the league pyramid and he was a being paid by the club.Hopefully he will shine in a club at the same level and prove CT was wrong to release him but time will tell.Everyone saying why didnít he release him after the game but yet nobody knows the circumstances and there were 3 released not 1....either way Iím sure lessons have been learnt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drbob View Post
    Probably, it's because when I was a club official I didn't feel I could make my views public.

    And imo there in lies the issue with the Trust notes being in the programme.

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    Considering the amount of money the Trust has put into the club since it was formed, I think there should be a Trust input into both the programme and the Management Board.

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    I always think of the Trust and football board as two separate entities pulling in the same direction for the good of the club, with the Trust acting as a critical friend, check and balance.

    Very much like the House of Lords to the Commons and the Representatives to the Senate.

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    Shandy you have actually made a very good statement!

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    Shandy, eloquent.
    I agree with Dr Bobs post too with the member on the MB not being a token jesture but bearing in mind the amount of money the Trust has given to the Club a true voice.

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