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Thread: Dartford Match-day Programme - Trust Notes

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    Describing Taff's thoughts on the matter as self-indulgences is wrong.

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    All the better that I didn’t then

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ray Tango View Post
    And another thing...Correct me if I’m wrong but weren’t we constantly told that Noah Smerdon couldn’t be placed on contract? Chris Todd comes and within less than week gets him on contract!!

    That’s proper shit housery if you ask me?
    I will refrain from commenting re the programme but on the subject of Noah and a contract, let me give you fact.

    Because Noah is in full time education he could not be put on a contract until his 18th birthday which was 9th October. Nick Meeks spoke to me about the regulations when he was with Noah’s parents. I didn’t think it was that important to note the date but Nick will know and no doubt is the date of the contract.
    I do believe though it was either on his birthday or a couple of days later.


    Minimum Age
    (i) A Player under 18 years of age and in receipt of full-time education1 may not enter into a contract of employment with a Club in membership of The Association and/or an Affiliated Association.
    (ii) A Player under 17 years of age may not enter into a contract of employment withaClubinmembershipwithTheAssociationand/or anAffiliatedAssociation, except under a Scholarship as provided for by Rule C3.

    And was not 9 October the date that Chris Todd was appointed Manager?

    Hope that clarifies this specific post.

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    Cheers for clearing that up Colin. Makes perfect sense. When it was explained at the AGM i took it that a contract was never an option, so it's great news that CT has been able to get such an exciting talent tied down for the season. Maybe you could clarify what the club's position will be at the end of the season when the big boys inevitably come calling and the contract he signed has been completed?
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Taff IMO has always put measured posts in his programme notes and surely must have an opinion as he wrote the notes!!
    We don’t need a quorum for this.
    Excellent posts by Mike and others, times are changing rapidly.TH et al are history.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveangel View Post
    Cheers for clearing that up Colin. Makes perfect sense. When it was explained at the AGM i took it that a contract was never an option, so it's great news that CT has been able to get such an exciting talent tied down for the season. Maybe you could clarify what the club's position will be at the end of the season when the big boys inevitably come calling and the contract he signed has been completed?
    This is what the Club must do with Noah but sadly didn’t with Ed Williams and why he left for KHFC without any fee or compensation being subject of his move at the end of the season,

    FA Rules
    C1 (J) Agreements between Club & Players

    Only sub- Rules C1(j) (i) and C1(j)(xiii) apply to Clubs participating in the Premier League and EFL.

    (i) Clubs must enter into a written contract of employment with their Players on the relevant form approved by The Association), with or without an option. Such contracts must clearly indicate all the terms and conditions of employment, be of stated duration and signed at the same time as a relevant registration Form “G” (in such form as shall be published by The Association from time to time). A copy of the contract of employment must be handed to the Player at the time of signing both documents. Contracts of employment signed by Players who are under the age of 18 at the time of signing must also be signed by a parent or guardian.
    (ii) There shall be no right to a compensation or transfer fee by the previous Club of a Player who has attained the age of 24 years on or before 30th June and whose contract with that Club has expired. If a Club wishes to offer re-engagement to a Player or exercise an option contained in the agreement the following practice shall prevail.
    (iii) Within 7 days of the first Saturday in May, or the date of the last competitive Match of the Club’s first team, whichever is the later, the Club must give notice in writing to the Player indicating that either the Club offers a re-engagement or, if appropriate, exercises any option contained in the agreement.
    (iv) If the notice offers re-engagement it must specify the period which the Club is prepared to agree and the terms and conditions to apply, which must be the same or not less favourable overall than those which applied during the initial period of employment – or the option period (if applicable).
    (v) The Player must notify in writing the Club holding the registration within 28 days of receipt of the said notice whether or not the offer of re- engagement is accepted.
    (vi) If the offer is rejected the Player is immediately free to negotiate with another Club.
    (vii) If the Player does not reply in writing to the offer of re-engagement then at the expiry of a period of 28 days, the Player is free to negotiate with another Club.
    (viii) In either of the instances as set out in Rules C1(j)(vi) and (vii) above, the Club holding the Player’s registration has the right to receive compensation. The Player’s registration for the new Club will not be accepted until such time as the Club has confirmed in writing to The Association that it will negotiate a compensation fee with the former Club failing which it will abide by any decision taken by a League Appeals Committee.
    (ix) An existing agreement shall continue and have full force and effect between the parties on the terms and conditions as those pertaining prior to the expiration of the initial period of employment, or the option period if appropriate, and the Player will continue to train and play as instructed by the Club until 31st August, or the date on which the Player registers for another Club, whichever is the sooner.
    (x) In the event of the Player continuing to play for the Club after the 31st August, a week-to-week agreement must be completed and submitted to The Association under which the Player will continue to be paid in accordance with the terms of the existing agreement.

    Association under which the Player will continue to be paid in accordance with the terms of the existing agreement.

    (xi) In the event of the Player signing for another Club which is unable to reach agreement on the payment of a compensation fee to the Club holding the Player’s registration in pursuance of the existing agreement then such fee shall be dealt with by a League Appeals Committee.
    (xii) A League Appeals Committee shall comprise one nominated representative from each of the following:
    (A) (B) (C)
    Council (to act as an independent chairman);
    the management committee of the appropriate league or leagues; and the Professional Footballers’ Association.
    The committee may, at its discretion, order either the Club or the Player to pay all or part of the costs involved in an appeal. The same committee also applies to Rules C1(k), (l) and (m).
    or not less favourable terms and conditions overall, as in the agreement but excluding the option provision, and that such further period shall not be for longer in extent than that of the initial period of employment, the agreement can continue in full force and effect, as between the parties hereto and shall terminate on the last day of the option.
    (xiv) All notices required to be given to Players under this Rule must be sent either by registered mail or recorded delivery or a written acknowledgement otherwise obtained;
    (xv) By 1st June in each calendar year all Clubs must notify The Association of Players who have been offered re-engagement or on whose agreement the option has been exercised.
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    I've watched from the sidelines as this has unfolded and whilst I try to refrain from posting too often on here...let me offer another perspective.

    Firstly, on Taff's program notes. As Trust Chairman, he is more than entitled to put forward his opinion and as Matt has said it was not his decision alone, he put it to the Board and collectively a decision was made.

    During my (very brief) tenure as Editor, I found out how much hard work and therefore pride went into producing it and as Editor was very protective over the content. I was lucky as during that period, we were a settled Club but Matt is completely correct to raise a concern over an article defending the previous managers who’d left the Club, both under shall we say, not the best circumstances.

    The narrative of Taff’s notes reminded me of the time I brought my girlfriend Gemma home from Uni to meet my Nan, who firstly welcomed her with open arms, then proceeded to talk for 20 mins about the girl I had gone out with months before Gemma and how great she was?!

    It was, on the whole, a little inappropriate given the fact we were trying to welcome someone new into the family.

    There had been such a considerable amount of time (4 weeks since Ricco’s departure and 12 months since Tim’s), that in my opinion, they needn’t have been mentioned. The business had been done, everyone had had their say (whether you agreed with it or not) across both social media and on this forum at the time and it was time to move on.

    Tim had his reasons for leaving 12 months ago and whilst at the time it caused both Rod and I a great deal of personal (and professional) stress, I believe that a lot of positives came out of it. Marc’s approach and his departure, I don’t believe was handled the correct way and the subsequent move for Matt Yates also left a really bad taste. As Mike says, there are various perspectives of what has happened over the past few weeks, and being in full knowledge of what happened and having both spoken to Marc at length throughout the process...

    Do I like the way any of it was done? No.

    Did it feel like an attempt to destabilize the momentum we were achieving? From my perspective, yes.

    But... rather than remain bitter about it, I take from the situation valuable lessons and move forward.

    I understand the way football works and I understand the importance of personal relationships with Clubs. However, Matt had two months of a loan to go and was playing well and enjoying his football with us. I would have understood the early recall had Derby moved him to a Club of higher standing but do I believe Hereford to be “a bigger club” than Gloucester City? With all due respect to them, not at all.

    Secondly, on to the defending of Tim and Marc. No one on the management board dismisses the work Tim did, which is constantly well documented by his supporters. No one can question that he did his best for the Club when he was here as the current group for MB members and club volunteers do. BUT...he has gone and it was through his own choosing.

    Marc left the Club as he saw a better opportunity elsewhere and whilst I maintain a good personal relationship with him, do I care whether or not he and Tim are a success at Hereford? Not really. They are gone. They have moved on and raking over old ground is not going to move OUR Club forward in any way. My sole focus as Vice Chairman is Gloucester City.

    Mike makes mention of hoping not to enter a phase of the Club’s history where any debate is suppressed or punishable by the ostracizing of good people. No, we are not. Difference of opinion is more than welcome when it is done at appropriate times through appropriate channels…not four weeks after the fact. The “constructive critical friend” (although that may be the intention), from the other side of the fence, quite often comes across as simply just critical. There is a fractured relationship between the Club and the Trust, that is no secret, but with all of us working toward the common goal of going home and with the conversations I have with Dave Jones, I believe that it can be repaired.

    The negative view point that Ray Tango raised of being “little old Gloucester City” is true and many people still have that mindset. The Supporters have ambition. The Club has ambition. The Management Board refuse to focus on negativity as negative people will inevitably find a problem to every solution and to be honest, I think that is largely what has held the Club back for so long. Gloucester City shouldn’t be just grateful for what it can get, it should believe in itself a little more because it has unbelievable potential. The same way a team just needs that first win, before they go on a run of games that makes them seem unbeatable.

    The “Us and Them” phase that DrBob alludes to I agree is becoming a problem. No one is being ostracized but the Club is moving in one direction and then there are those who are refusing to change with the times and keep harking back to the past. There is a simple choice. You either come on the journey or you do not. No one is painting the past as a failure but by dredging it up all the time we waste energy on it and invariably jeopardize our future.

    We should not be looking just to survive but to progress. Everyone, Supporters, Supporters Trust Board, Trust members and the Club, needs to look forwards now.

    The past is the past, it is written.
    Our future, however, is not.

    As Taff and Mike rightly mention, Chris Todd’s appointment is an extremely exciting one. As soon as I had spoken with him, despite other excellent, and quite unbelievable, candidates, I knew he was the man for the job. His knowledge and professional network are exactly what the Club needs. For Noah’s contract…I was just as surprised as anyone to learn that he was signing for us as I had been told by both Marc and everyone who’d attended the Trust meeting that him signing was an impossibility, even when he’d turned 18. I think it just goes to show the faith Noah and his parents have in Chris not only developing him as a player but securing him the correct move when his time comes to move on.

    I’ve no doubt there will be more change in the coming weeks… the Club needs it in order to progress. It’s just my hope that EVERYONE finally leaves the past where it belongs, embraces that change and finally starts focusing the future.

    See you all at Hemel on Saturday.

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    Hahahaha....Fine thanks we still talk.

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    Thanks Chris, really good post, Tim. Mike and the old MB were phenomenal for the club and should never be forgotten and deserve praise for what they did, if we like it or not there is a new team on board, Mike is still around working for the club that should be applauded and it does not matter what we feel, the club is still going and looks to be be progressing so lets all get behind the club, the team, the MB and re-unite as one.

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