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Thread: Dartford Match-day Programme - Trust Notes

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    Dartford Match-day Programme - Trust Notes

    You may have noticed that the Trust notes were omitted from yesterdays match-day programme. When I queried this with the programme editor the response was as follows " I ran the notes past the MB as I was not sure whether the observations matched the tone of the rest of the publication. I was instructed not to print it".

    My notes are below. I was attempting to give a balanced view of recent events at the Football Club by recognising the efforts of previous managers, while at the same time expressing my enthusiasm for the new era we are embarking on.

    Upon the appointment of Chris Todd, I contacted him offering the full support of the Supporters' Trust.

    "Good afternoon and welcome back to the Jubilee Stadium where Dartford are the visitors in this Vanarama National League South encounter. A warm welcome to all associated with the Darts and I hope they enjoy their stay and have a safe return journey to Kent.

    I would like to thank Ian and Graeme for compiling this column during my prolonged absence and also to Iris and Roger for covering the club shop. Both Sally and I have noticed the difference in temperature since our return!

    A lot has happened both on and off the field since my last programme notes. Firstly, I was delighted, as was everyone at the club, with the appointment of Chris Todd. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris at the End of Season Awards held at Celtic Manor during his time at Eastleigh. His passion and knowledge of the game will prove invaluable and credit to Rod and the club Directors on their choice of candidate.

    It has been a difficult baptism for Chris with back to back defeats at Welling and Wealdstone. Naturally, it will take time for him to stamp his authority on the squad and for the recent signings to bed in. We hope for a change in fortunes today as we all know how important it is to win your home games.

    A lot has been written regarding the departure of Rico, the influence of Tim Harris regarding the managers’ appointment at Hereford and the recalling of goalkeeper Matt Yates. I did find some of the comments surprising and, in my opinion, unjustified. I know that it was an extremely difficult decision for Rico given his close ties to Gloucester City. That said, he felt it was an opportunity he could not turn down - to manage a “big” club, with a large fan base, and I expect, a decent playing budget. Presumably, Tim’s role would have been to assist with appointing the best person for the job. I really hope Rico and Will do well at Hereford.

    Tim’s commitment to Gloucester City should not be underestimated. He left a senior role at Newport County to manage his home town club with a promise of a return to Meadow Park. His energy and dedication was instrumental in securing the club as a force to be reckoned with in the second tier of non-league football. I am sure we can all recall our excellent season in the National League North with results against Chorley, Salford and AFC Fylde. There comes a time when it is right to move on for the overall sake of the football club.

    The timing of the recalling of the excellent goalkeeper Matt Yates was unfortunate. However, relationships in football are often between individuals rather than clubs. It is no secret that Tim has an excellent relationship with Derby County which we have benefited from in the past (Luke Thomas being a good example). Matt is an asset of Derby County and it is perfectly reasonable for them to decide which club will maximise a players potential. It was disappointing and I can understand the frustration it caused. Unfortunately, that is football.

    The Trust is holding a Curry & Quiz Night at Walls Club on Friday 16th November. Please see the advert in today’s match-day programme and register your team by seeing me or emailing

    Finally, get behind Chris and the lads today and hopefully we will witness a much needed 3 points. Enjoy the game"

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    So the MB are now censoring the programme notes

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    Just for balance, the programme is now being produced by the club rather than the Trust, but it has always been a club publication to my knowledge - my job as editor is to make sure that what goes in the programme is in line with the messages and the image that the club wants to portray. In that respect nothing’s changed since the trust used to do it.

    I made a suggestion a few weeks ago that the trust page in the programme should be in the style of a news roundup, because as fascinating as an opinion piece is, we already have two of those in the club Chairman’s and managers notes.

    Those of us who don't worship at the altar of Tim Harris viewed the goings on of the past few weeks, particularly the Yates incident, as a personal attack on the club by someone who IMO is often wrongly perceived as always putting the clubs interests over their personal interests. The response by fans on social media (and I would imagine the vast majority of anyone associated with the club) proves that I’m not alone in thinking this. Rod has done well IMO to keep his thoughts on the matter largely to himself, and I so I didn’t feel it was appropriate or fair to have a biased viewpoint in there - biased because I understand you still maintain a friendship with Tim. The club aren’t obliged to just print whatever they are given nor would that be professional, there has to be some editorial licence.

    The right thing to do was probably to offer a chance to rewrite, but by the time I read the notes on a Wednesday it was deadline day and the curry night poster had already meant we were over the page limit so a decision was made by the MB not to publish.

    I’m glad however that you have found an appropriate forum to air your personal views on the matter. I’d be interested to know if the rest of the trust board and members would have been happy to have those comments published.

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    Thanks Taff, as a Trust board member I would have been happy for that to have been printed.

    Im very excited at the appointment of Chris Todd, couldnt have thought wed get such a good candidate for a club in exile as ourselves, but we are obviously moving in the right direction for Chris to be attracted to us.

    In relation to Tim, I dont know him personally, spoke to him for a grand total of about two minutes of my life. However, I massively appreciate what he has done for City and will be eternally grateful. And Rico, he did well in all he did from what I saw.

    Yes Im disappointed and frustrated at the players leaving for Hereford. Im not prithee to the behind the scenes goings on, but the old cliche of thats football always wins over for me. I still love that goal by Dale Watkins on Boxing Day 96 to beat Cheltenham despite his defection- in the same way I loved getting results at Stockport, Fylde and other big clubs under Tim. But theyve moved on and we are another dog in a dog eat dog world.

    Its felt a bit like an ex going out with your best mate- Im sure time will be the greatest healer and well never forget the good times.

    Apologies for the cliches, Im not of articulate mind so the above probably make sure little sense and Im no good at debates.

    At the end of the day Im like all of us, I want us home, in this league, financially viable with good football to go with it. Heres hoping by August 19 that dream is realised.

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    I too would be happy with that article being in, I thought it was very balanced and well written.

    The Trust are an important force within the club, it is the voice of the supporters and I think they are well led and represented by Taff. It would be a shame if that relationship were to break down as we as a club have always done well by pulling together and getting the out of what limited we have.

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    I don't necessarily agree with all your opinions there Taff but I can't see any reason for them to be censored. To be honest I stopped buying programmes a few seasons back as they weren't very interesting to me, but the Trust notes were one of the few interesting parts.

    Fair play to Matty and co for revamping the programme and it looks like they've done a great job. Please keep the Trust notes in and uncensored though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shandy. View Post
    I too would be happy with that article being in, I thought it was very balanced and well written.

    The Trust are an important force within the club, it is the voice of the supporters and I think they are well led and represented by Taff. It would be a shame if that relationship were to break down as we as a club have always done well by pulling together and getting the out of what limited we have.
    I agree with Shandy, Taff's article IMO it was a responsible and honest view of where we are and reflected a strong positive note going forward. I am also very excited at the appointment of Chris Todd.

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    I would have been happy to support that write up if I had been asked.

    I can also understand editor licence or that the club can decide what will and wont feature (just like the Trust should be able to decide what and how it donates its fundraising towards). Though looks to me that surely didnt mean the whole write up Taff had gone to the trouble of composing needed to be pulled.

    Agree with Runcorn Flag, except the part where he understates his articulousness! I would have left that bit out RF if I was editing forum posts. 😁

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    Personally, I agree with a lot that Taff wrote, but some I don't, as Taff and I have discussed. If Taff is writing the ST notes, then they are obviously going to reflect his views. It goes without saying that we all have different opinions on everything and it would be a pretty strange world if we didn't. I've seen it suggested that it would have been better to edit Taffs notes rather than not print them, but I disagree personally. At the end of the day, I can see both points of view, especially with it being Chris Todd's first league game in charge, and Matt having time constraints to submit the content.
    If asked, I'd have been happy for it to be included as it represented the chairman of the Trust's take on recent events, which were never going to encompass the whole boards opinions.
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