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Thread: Dartford

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    Iím pleased to find someone else who thought Joe Hanks played well. I looked to vote for him on the Twitter MOM poll but he wasnít included among those listed.

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    Agree on Hanks doing well. He's our best midfielder for sure. His shot from a laid off corner was blistering and deserved a goal. His name sake is doing really well on the wing too this season.

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    Our keeper had nothing to do apart from pick the ball out of the new, theirs was by far the more busier

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    GB I admit that I’m a glass half-empty type of person, but the facts are:

    We are one of the bottom five who are now four points adrift of the rest.

    We haven’t won a league match since September 1

    The last point we got was on September 29.

    We’ve only scored ten goals in the league in fifteen matches, which is probably the most worrying thing as it’s fewer than any of the others in the bottom five.

    On the positive side, we’ve got the best goal difference in the bottom five, which is worth a point on the last day of the season, but at the moment it’s getting worse with each match.

    To put it in perspective, in well over thirty years of watching City, I have many memories, both good and bad.

    Starting with the bad - my first away trip down the Golden Valley and a 5-0 drubbing by the Scum.

    Mixed - being within ten minutes of a matching the Third Round of the FA Cup, only for Brian Godfrey to take off Martin Lander and put on a sub, who gave the ball away and let Cardiff back into the match.

    Being within three minutes of going to Wembley in the FA Trophy, only for Daggers to get an equaliser from a foul throw that the officials missed.

    Thinking we’d been promoted on the final day of the season only for Farnborough to come from behind and snatch it.

    Good - Going to FGR on Boxing Day and watch Chris Townsend tear them apart. Lance Morrison’s bicycle kick goal at the T-End. Dale Watkins superb strike against the Scum on Boxing Day. Wayne Noble’s netbuster against them in the FA Cup.

    It’s the good memories and the what-ifs that keep me coming (that and pure masochism) to watch City.

    Negative - I don’t think so - realistic probably. We’re currently involved in a potential relegation fight unless we start to gather points in the near future.

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    Point taken drbob and appreciate your accurate assessment and accounts of following City all these years.
    Nothing personal but what I'm trying to get at is that I don't and won't have any talk of a relegation battle this early in the season as I'm convinced we will be ok once Chris Todd gets the team he wants in and we start getting a slice of luck on the pitch which we are not getting at this moment in time.
    It's been mentioned elsewhere but the commitment and effort from these lads at the minute is undisputable and surely it's just a matter of time before we click.
    ..and yes indeed bob I and many others witnessed that drastic substitution at Ninian Park when Brian Godfrey took off Martin Lander who was doing ok and replaced him with Ricky Chandler still ruing it until this day as we would have got my other team (Queens Park Rangers)who were then s top flight side and dream draws like that don't come around to often.
    Getting back to yesterday definitely thought we deserved something from the game and thought the ref again was sub standard and hope the assessor in the stands gave him what he deserved. most of us the City bandwagon will keep rolling and on to Hemel Hempstead next Saturday..
    Looking forward to it.⚽🐯👍#CTID

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    Doc you forgot Farnborough!!!

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    Thought that when the ball was kept down and played on the deck we looked pretty good. It's when the defence hoofed it up there that the ball was lost and pressure brought back on. Parker seemed very fired up yesterday and I thought he had another good game.

    Wouldn't mind seeing the highlights because I thought we should have had a free kick before their second goal, although I didn't have the best view.

    It's only a matter of time before we get a win, but it's been a pretty tough run of fixtures, let's be honest.

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    Joe Parker sounds like he is on fire every week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CityGull View Post
    I thought the two Joes were outstanding. Hanks seems to play in a different position every week but gave us energy and massive commitment in central midfield while Parker's pace and determination constantly troubled them. Shame we kept overhitting the passes in the first half. Perhaps they should practise in a wind tunnel.
    On the down side a pretty insipid performance from Fabien and is the new goalkeeper an improvement on Andrew Hannah?
    I wonder if Fabienís loan will be renewed problem is after such a sublime goal within the first minute of his debut it was always going to be downhill after that, and the answer to your last sentence no he isnít.

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    How often did Fabien get the ball though? Wingers are a luxury in struggling teams.

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