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Thread: Dartford

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    Lost 2-1. Played well enough but the strikers couldn't score (deja vu). I thought Warwick looked good but Wright didn't offer much (the goalie came closer to scoring than he did). Jake Jackson has our best scoring ratio so sad not to see him get a chance. Daft goals to concede too.

    We're not far off. But we need points soon.

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    Funny, but I was really impressed with Wright today. Showed glimpses of the player he can be when he's match fit and up to speed. HW also looks sharper every game. I know people get bored of hearing it, but we played well and didn't do much wrong. Every spin or deflection in the box went against us and only the this, the woodwork and a couple of superb saves prevented us scoring 3 or 4. As much a confidence thing as anything else imo.
    Thought we looked solid at the back for the most part. I like Lidds and Avo at CB, and personally much prefer the flat back four than a 5/3.
    We need the rub of the green, and we'll give someone a hiding.

    We aren't far away.
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    I was impressed with Wright too. Looking at his record he isnít a 20 goal striker but he holds the ball up well and makes the defenders work hard.

    Itís funny how the game couldíve been so different if we held on until half time or if their keeper didnít make those two great saves at the start of the second half.

    I would like to see a consistent back four but I guess injuries are preventing that at the moment.

    I get the feeling that once we get that win then we will go on a good run.

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    Like I said after the the Wealdstone game Andre is a superb player when it comes to holding up the ball and starting moves off. I think he will be a big player for us, but he needs someone who can play off him and score the goals which is clearly where we are lacking.

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    I think Harry Williams will be that man in a couple of weeks.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    I think that spell at the start of the second half summed us up to a tee. Absolutely destroyed them but the red ball wouldn't go down, then they break and score.

    It's always soft goals.

    Have we scored any soft goals?

    And that lino on the dugout side was as much use as an indicator on an AUDI.

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    Isn’t it funny how people’s opinions differ. I totally agree with Joes opening comments But.....

    First half Andre touched the ball about 5 times shocking ( not helped by hoofing it up to him he’s not that sort of player ) second half 500% better a brilliant tussle and cross to set up JP’s volley- what a great save. I can learn to like him . Harry W imo the juries out. For several periods of the game we matched or even bettered them but did not have the rub of the green. Not all doom and gloom by any means. Toddy is still trying to find which is the best formula and let’s not forget we have played teams who imo are the top teams of the league.

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    Another disappointing result.

    I thought that both teams looked poor in the first half, the only moment of real quality was Joe Hank’s free kick and Sam’s header. It was soul destroying to concede the equaliser so sloppily in added time just before the whistle.

    The start of the second half was inspiring, but when the keeper saved Joe’s volley and we hit the bar I predicted that we wouldn’t get anything from the game as it obviously wasn’t going to be our day. Alas I was correct - I thought that the better team lost today, but until we actually start to score more goals I’m afraid we will continue to fall away from the teams above us.

    There is now a four point gap between us and the team above us - it’s looking like it could be perm any three from five to go down - unfortunately we’re one of the five

  9. #9 always you are so negative in your comments..let the man at the helm do his job and I'm pretty sure we will be more than be alright!!.⚽🐯👍

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    I thought the two Joes were outstanding. Hanks seems to play in a different position every week but gave us energy and massive commitment in central midfield while Parker's pace and determination constantly troubled them. Shame we kept overhitting the passes in the first half. Perhaps they should practise in a wind tunnel.
    On the down side a pretty insipid performance from Fabien and is the new goalkeeper an improvement on Andrew Hannah?

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