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Thread: Today at Welling

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    Today at Welling

    Half time: 1-0 down to the current league leaders.

    Twitter makes it sound like we are only just hanging on.

    Let's hope the second half is better.

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    When I saw the team sheet, Nothing new or exciting same old faces. I thought it was one that Ricco had left behind I thought we were starting a new era apparently not.

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    Now 3-0 but with respect YA very early days in the Toddy era.

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    Cant believe Spence, Lidds and Edgy are still starters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by young alfie View Post
    Cant believe Spence, Lidds and Edgy are still starters.
    Mmmm tend to agree that said JE imo has been excellent from the games I have sen him play.
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    Lost 3-1 - JP pulled one back for us

    Result puts Welling top of the league - rather them than Billy Ricky.

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    Welling worthy winners , fast attacking side. Punished our errors. Second goal being a sublime free kick into the left side from their player of the match. He was a different class.
    Having said that we never gave up and for the armchair critics I thought Edgy, Spence and in particular Lidds had good games. I think we met the league winners today. the new number 9 André Wright looks a very useful unit and it is a long time since we have had a giant centre forward with his ability. I was also impressed by Harry the Rovers loanee who looks very confident for his age. Enjoyed my day out anyway.

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    As much as I was more impressed with Welling than Billericay I would still be surprised if they win the league. Billericay can afford the strength and depth as they have proven again in the last couple of weeks.

    They were the right winners, but the 1st and last goals were shockers on our part and as mentioned above the 2nd was a wonder free kick which could have been a penalty as the ball was right on the edge of the box. We played some nice stuff at times and could have had a couple of goals before they had added their 3rd. Andre looks to have class although his decision making wasn't great at times. Harry looked very young, but also looked decent enough when he came on. At the end of the day this was a game we were expected to lose and we did.

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    Our recent form is only one point better than Weston. One point in five games.

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    Who edits this? The longest segment of the highlights was about 30 seconds of nothing.

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