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Thread: Bromley

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    Just over 24 hours until the big match. Looking forward to it, will be a massively tough match against a team in decent form. They have some recognisable names in the squad, Alan Dunne, Ben Chorley and former England prospect Roger Johnson all with plenty of league experience between them, Adam Mekki in midfield who looked a dangerous winger when I watched him at Tranmere a couple of years ago.

    Attendance wise, anyone think we'll have a bumper crowd? Will Bromley bring many?

    Here's hoping Toddy starts with a historic win!

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    I wouldn't read too much into their recent form as they have played some of the weaker sides in the division although at least it was a response after losing 5-0 to Solihull. I think we played a better side last weekend in Billericay so if we can replicate that performance I think we have a chance.

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    They seem to be bringing a few. Full 46 seater coach plus cars and chuffers.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveangel View Post
    They seem to be bringing a few. Full 46 seater coach plus cars and chuffers.
    Good stuff! A question for The Cleric and GCAFC Stats on Twitter, but have we ever played Bromley before?

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    That's a no.

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    At one end of the scale I might wake up not breathing, at the other end City win 10-0 I win 40 billion on the lottery, and Chris Warrior buys a round.

    I suspect that the truth will lie somewhere in between, for example we draw 0-0, I win a tenner on the lottery and in the excitement I stop breathing, faint and wake up to find Chris Warrior still hasn't bought a round. There are almost unlimited possibilities in an infinite universal, and this is what quantum physics is all about. But while that includes me being called from the tannoy to make up the numbers, coming on as a 85th minute sub to score a hat-trick for a 3-2 win, it does not include Chris Warrior buying a round. That will never happen, and even Hawking cannot explain that one. Especially now.

    I suppose the message I am trying to get across, after having had some bad news today (1) is that you should embrace every day as it comes, love life, enjoy the occasion even if the result doesn't go our way, search inside yourself and feel the force (2) and see what the next day brings. Its only football (3) Be positive, reach for the stars and believe in the impossible

    3-0 Bromley.

    (1) My take-away turned up 10 minutes late
    (3) I reserve the right to retract this statement if we lose

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    deserved more today officials were diabolical but we need a strong forward for the others to play off

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    So unlucky today, we should have come away with something. Mustíve had 3 or 4 clear chances, a load more half chances and lost count of corners and dangerous FKs. When we played the replay with Dorking, 3 shots, 3 goals. Thatís football eh!

    Thought everyone had a good game, crying out for that extra bit of quality in Robert though which makes the booking the other day when he left the field look silly now.

    Onwards and upwards!

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    Disappointing result, but to be honest the better team did win. They were very good at getting men between the ball and the goal, when we were attacking. They also quickly sussed out a potential weakness at left back and seemed to concentrate their attacks in that area.

    They obviously did their homework - not only on us but, presumably, on the ref as well - they seemed to know how to play him to give almost every decision their way.

    Yes, I know that we probably had more shots on target than them, but the only shot that really tested their keeper was Joey's from the edge of the box that he diverted for a corner.

    Now we can concentrate on staying at this level, although I think next season we'll be headed back to the North, looking at the lower reaches of the National division where nine of the teams in the bottom half of the table would automatically qualify to play in the South if relegated.

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    I think there seems to be a pool of players who move around the country and play for whoever will pay them. They exist for the National Premier and it's a pool that we can't seem to tap into. Our players gave their all today but couldn't match the quality in the opposition. I'm disappointed but I don't think we were going to win the cup so we'll have to concentrate on the Trophy now

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