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Thread: Matt Yates

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    Matt Yates

    See heís been recalled by Derby 😲

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judith View Post
    See heís been recalled by Derby 😲
    Yep, real bad timing, hope we see heís back to play for them rather off on loan somewhere else!

    Still, chance to see what contacts Chris Todd has and/or give Andy ĎSafe handsí Hannah a chance!

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    Heís been fantastic for us.

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    that is why he has been recalled?

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    Someone has some big gloves to fill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    Someone has some big gloves to fill.
    Young Hannah has big hands - time to step up to the mark ...

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    I donít remember Hannah putting a foot wrong when he played towards the end of last season so hopefully he can carry that on.
    The only problem is that Yates was ridiculously good but I guess thatís the reason why heís at a Championship club.

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    I see a according to th official site the new manager is speaking to other clubs already - I agree with Mr Matt Hannah didn’t do much wrong from what I could see.

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    Yates to Hereford maybe? Their keeper was carried off last game!
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Seems to be what’s happening according to Twitter

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