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Thread: If I was the new manager

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    If I was the new manager

    Granted this would be based on a budget I am not privy to if I walked into the job tomorrow I would keep the following:-
    Matt Yates (ok heís not really ours),Noah Smerdon, Sam Avery, Isaac Kelly,Joe Parker,Joe Hanks,Spencer Hamilton ,Fabien Robert (ditto).
    The rest prove their ability.
    I donít doubt anyone Ďs commitment, endeavour or passion but clearly some arenít good enough.i hope the new Officer in charge has the bottle to get a broom out and sweep clean.

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    I'd get Mr Miagi in to fix Harry Williams like he did to Daniel son in Karate Kid.

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    So basically get him to paint a fence?

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    What good are arm exercises going to do for Harry?

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    He can catch a fly with chopsticks

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    Not wax on, wax off. That thing he did in the tournament that enabled him to compete in the final.

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    A new broom sweep clean!

    I'll supply the broom Mr Pims, another well off supporter can supply the dust pan, then you can get started!


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