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Thread: Tom Webb Retires

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    One comment Thanks

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    Thank you Tom. Im sure we will never see a player beat his records at the club and its going to be pretty strange not seeing him running around the midfield.

    He really embodied our never say die attitude and always gave 100%.

    Im really disappointed that he never got that one last game at Meadow Park. Im sure the Cleric can confirm, but even just with his exiled appearances hed probably be 2nd or 3rd. We really owe it to Tom now to give him a testimonial back at the new stadium. Glad to see his name will be used at the new T-End.

    The club should really keep him around now, even if its as a club ambassador or some kind of capacity like that, weve had a tendency to forget players once theyve gone but cant really do that with Tom.

    Thank you Tom and good luck at the weekend!

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    Legend - Legend - Legend

    I hope he comes out of retirement for 5 minutes and takes the kick off at the first match back at Meadow Park

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    Gloucester City AFC will never be the same.

    All the the best Tom.

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    I like the Tom Webb T-End. Means he'll always be there

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    Was, is and always will be, my absolute hero.

    Thank you Tom.

    You've got plenty to do yet, starting Saturday.
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    I interviewed Tom in 2010!

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    Gutted that he won’t make the 750, but glad that he’s staying involved with City.

    All the best for tomorrow against Dorking, Tom.

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    Thanks Tom.
    Good luck in all you do and hope you are involved with City for many years to come.

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