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Thread: Next Manager

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    Next Manager

    Will it be a recognized name or a new face on the scene?????

    This is an ideal chance to show the city the intent of the club by who they name as the next manager and one that should lead us when back in the city!!

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    The Non League Paper is full of would be successful managers now out of a job.interesting times.

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    Severn Sport saying Kevin Nicholson of Derby’s coaching staff is high up on the list of potential candidates

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    Any manager with a decent CV will come at a cost and, presumably, will want a competitive playing budget.

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    Quote Originally Posted by runcorn flag View Post
    Severn Sport saying Kevin Nicholson of Derby’s coaching staff is high up on the list of potential candidates
    Is that the ex Torquay manager? Would he give up a full time job to come down south as a part time manager I’d ask.
    But would like to see someone like this as a proven manager I can’t see comíng.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spanish tiger View Post
    Is that the ex Torquay manager?
    Not him, no.
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    What's Carl Heeley doing these days(1) He created a good team at Worcester even before the stadium cash arrived, and was a loyal servant for many years to them(2) A sort of a Tim Harris from posh brumshire(2)


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    Is he the one that Hereford fans wanted?

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    Apparently he used to manage Bangor City in Wales. I would rather the ex Torquay manager Kevin Nicholson though. Thought he was harshly sacked at Torquay and they had no money there so he would be used to a small budget. He even had to drive the mini bus to games. As I have mentioned on the other thread Lee Hodges would be my mine choice though.

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    Just read this about the other Kevin Nicholson.

    I think going for him would be a bad idea myself. He says himself he sees himself as coach rather than a manager. He doesn't know this league at all and as Craig Harrison at Hartlepool proved last season managing in Wales is very different to managing a non-league side. My preference every time would be someone who knows Non-League football.

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