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Thread: Marc and Morph off to Hereford

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    What a time to forget my COF password...


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    This may come across as bitter but...

    It's an all round incredibly bizarre appointment, and one for which I do not see any winners. Being with us this season the aim would have been survival, and I think on the whole this season our fans could quite easily put up with the defensive football that has been working in the south. At Hereford this will not be the case. They will be demanding a lot more than how we have been set up this season. The current squad are made up of his signings as well.

    It's a bizarre appointment from Hereford because he has only managed ~30? games of football in a different league to Hereford, with a "decent" record.

    And it's a bizarre move for Ricco as he could have been something huge at City, where he could have been the manager to take us back home and made a big name for himself with us. There's a chance Hereford have plateaued for now, where as we can only move in one direction. They're also looking at becoming full time, and this would surely mean that he has to leave his role at Hartpury?

    And finally, I have tonnes and tonnes of respect for Tim, he did masses of great things for this club, but to make this appointment in my opinion shows a lack of class. He knows as much as all of us what City means, and this is just another backwards step that quite frankly did not need to come about.

    Hereford might as well rename themselves Gloucester City. Not happy with signing 7 of our ex players, they now have our previous 2 managers, assistant manager and performance analyst.

    Hope the club find the right person/people to take us forward and I have complete faith in them to do so.

    Good luck to Ricco/Tim/Morfs/Luke, but I'm incredibly disappointed, thought that non-league football had more loyalty than this.

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    The fickledom of football fans, Tim H gets praise among our support but he's just whipped away our management team. Cheers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby View Post
    What a time to forget my COF password...

    I totally forget that these things exist. The answer is probably Brian Hughes!

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    Anyone fancy videoing the game on Saturday?

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    Think this is a great opportunity to break away from the norm and get someone with fresh ideas in who can shake the club up a bit. It's all become a bit stale again and performances recently for me have been poor and below par. Truro was absymal and with a better forward Plymouth would have put us out the cup the other week. We've flattered to deceive at times.

    Rico did well for us last season and got us out the mire we were in but this year we've not really got going much and have rode our luck a lot. Fitness wise worries me as our entire forward line seems to be unfit most weeks plus a seemingly inability to score other than Joe Parker. We haven't looked like resolving that issue any time soon. That needs to change.

    Surprised he's gone myself given he's effectively demoted himself to coach again with Tim seemingly in charge of signings. Hope Hereford enjoy watching 36 different players a season lol. I don't give either of them long there, talking of which they are two down already at Chester. But it is what it is and they are where they are.

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    Agree I have said this before it seems that the players were playing with one hand tied behind their back, Webby lets go for it on Saturday "unleash the tigers" (Sorry it had to be said!)

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    0-3 and down to ten men!

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    Good post Dom, Riccos game plan ten men in your own half home or away sticking with the same tired looking players that wasn't good enough last season but signing them this season. Let's bring a fresh face in with new ideas and players.

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    Sure Edgar Street will be full to the rafters with Edji Mbunga and Ethan Moore leading the line in a few weeks time 😂😂

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