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Thread: Marc and Morph off to Hereford

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    Marc and Morph off to Hereford

    According to a club announcement on Facebook!!!

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    It's a new dawn for City.

    Is that the end of our link with Hartpury and time to go back to more traditional methods?

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    Certainly hasn’t impressed the locals

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    Letís face it if TH wasnít there no way would he have got that job...

    Looking at the positives...,
    1- We May have received some compensation.

    2-We our in a stronger position than 12 months ago with the ground situation so would expect some half decent candidates for the position.

    3-He leaves us in 17th position so it wonít affect our play off push this year.

    1- Relationship with Hartbury.

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    We definately don't want Beadle in return!
    Smutty boys are lonely boys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shurdyrover View Post
    We definately don't want Beadle in return!
    Why not? I think Eamonn was keen on Dean Holdsworth last time, could be a goer this time around?

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    Really disappointing news for City. Marc is well liked and respected, has got enough out of a limited squad (quality and numbers) to keep us up last year and competitive this, also has great links to Hartpury.

    The Hereford fans may not be getting a 'name' (they shouldn't forget they are Conference North!) but those with any insight should be able to see a talent when they have one.

    Good luck Marc, Morph and anyone else going with him.

    How do I apply for the City job?

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    So has Symo, the only decent talent there currently are foreign lads that we wouldn’t be allowed to field, no offence, but the Hartpury option hasn’t been used for a while, and that’s the reason.
    That is so true.

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    Fully agree Marc might just surprise them! A name manager would not have papered over the cracks at Hereford, they are a poor side very lightweight in NLNorth! He's got a job on thats for sure needs half a team! Anyway let's beat Dorking and not worry about who's next manager
    Smutty boys are lonely boys!

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