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Thread: Marc and Morph off to Hereford

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    A certain Welsh fella will do the job for me (not Tom Jones and not a euphemism)

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    Sir Thomas of Webb?

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    Matt Rose , Caretaker for now, then make the job his own!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exiled View Post

    Matt Rose , Caretaker for now, then make the job his own!
    Nope its Webby and Greener as Caretakers, good to see that the club has already identified potential successors.
    Given the positive vibe at the club I am not concerned AT ALL and this could indeed be the final break with the negativity that surrounded Tim and his people - including Ricco when he left
    Be great to have a proven Manager at the club with new contacts?
    Surely the training at Hartpury is between the club and others running Hartpury College - I would think a contract and payment would be in place as its a commercial business and not for Ricco to call the shots
    One thing for sure is Tim and Ricco will be under much pressure and Ricco will be seen as Tim's man and will succeed or fail together

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    Not going well so far tonight against Chester!
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveangel View Post
    Not going well so far tonight against Chester!
    I have said it once and I say it again

    Owners come and go
    Directors come and go
    Managers come and go - Tim should know this is his 4th club in about a year
    Players come and go - unless you are Webby!

    I really have little interest in Tim Harris or now Ricco good luck to them and they will need it - I sadly for them can see this ending in tears, hope to be proven wrong but fans are asking on the HFC forum what the hell is going on and why so many backroom staff......
    Pop they go again.....

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    Firstly a big thank you to Marc for all that he has done since last December, must admit I wasn't sure when his appointment was announced but he turned last season around and if it hadn't been for the ground grading at Evesham may have surprised the top 7. I don't blame him for going as it's an opportunity which may never come around again but just wish he could have stayed a bit longer and seen us back to Gloucester at this level.

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    Good luck and thanks Ricco. What a quick rise.

    As for City, we'll be fine. It's not as if Ricco had built the entire squad or even had us playing good football. All managers can be replaced. I'd like to see us find someone from outside the club this time with new contacts and new ideas. We may have a low budget and poor crowds but that should all be changing over the next season or two so we should be an exciting opportunity for someone to take on.

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    Best wishes Rico and Morph,
    Bit disappointed, that said I never wanted TH to return.A chance to have a new manager, a complete outsider new ideas and vision.there are some quality managers and lieutenants out of work ironic I know.
    Be interested to see who is on the short list..
    Any ideas?

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    Disappointed yes but nothing surprises me in football any more. We all thought the world would end when TH and a lot of well respected chairman and others left but we have survived even prospered ( not in any way disrespectful to thier fantastic efforts and achievements) . Time for change again maybe for the better who knows. Mr Beadle ? Wouldn’t worry me.

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