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Thread: Meadow Park - The New Home of Gloucester City AFC

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    The following had recently built very smart stadiums, with no crowds when I was there!


    Northwich Victoria


    Meadow Park with about 800 to 900 had a great atmosphere, (if) City were winning!

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    Never mind the bo$€€ks will it have a club house with plenty of ale. COYY

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil View Post
    Would like to think that the T-End will be the size of the Weston one but it doesn't look it.

    Thing is, it's being built to this spec because no-one from Gloucester will come and watch their City's football team yet when they see what has become they'll think it's shit. Why would the club build a facility for people who wouldn't come to the "I'll come when they're back in Gloucester" Stadium when they weren't in Gloucester?
    I'm in two minds slightly and agree that I was hoping the stadium would have a "wow" factor, not a "wow, this is average" factor to entice new fans in...

    But ultimately I agree with my old man in that at least we'll be home. It might not be the most beautiful home but it'll be ours. I'd rather be home next season in a basic stadium than waiting 5 seasons to be home in a high spec stadium. Please do keep developing once we're in though!
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    I canít wait...Will have 3 parts of the ground covered and the side with the 2 seated stands will have changing rooms etc in the middle so wonít look empty.

    I remember going to watch games at Cheltenham and I despised going to that stadium and knowing we were putting money in to their coffers,I would have took this option every time!

    Like Joe said this is our stadium in Gloucester and it will have the T-END back.

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    Well not much different to the old MP which many of us had huge pleasure in going to. I’m sure this will be the same and a big thank you to all involved behind the scenes.
    Ps my info about the Evesham terrace has been proved right ��
    Ps ps can’t see any floodlights...
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    we all have to bring torches

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    Can't see any toilets, it's a long walk from the T End to the club house for a halftime pint. Couldn't they put a tin roof on away end terrace as supporter change ends at halftime and I can no longer see the bike sheds on the revised plan.

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    We all know people who will come back and we all know those that say they'll come back but will make excuses regardless. If someone looks at the stadium and bemoans the lack of VIP boxes or air conditioned concourses then they really had no intention of coming back anyway. And to be honest even if the club did build a fancy 1,000 seater stand along a side with plush, cushioned seats the same lot would moan that they have to pay a £1 transfer to sit in them.

    We need to get back and as long as it ticks the required boxes for the regulations and allows organic growth than all good.

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    Shouldn't that be £5 for a cushioned seat?

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    Didnt the old seated stand have about a 500 seating capacity? Looking at the plans it could be similar to Forest green,If from the clubhouse they put in big glass panels looking onto the pitch could look a very nice non league stadium .

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