I was going to put this is the Other Discussion Forum (1) but realised how closely City and happiness are related. It got me thinking about these happiness indices that the boffins create based around first world values, such as access to quiche, and I thought bollocks to that I have me own method, and I'm going to write and tell them that. I will of course share my secret:

Take each day as it comes, marking out of 10 your happiness of that day. Personally I employ a more sophisticated system which gives marks for certain aspects of the day - based on Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs, and averages them.

I collate the data using Microsoft Excel and have built up intuitive graphs whose trends reveal I am happiest on Saturdays and most miserable on Mondays. It also informs me of those days in each month that I should not leave the house on. 2014 was my happiest year (2).

Does anyone else do this?

(1) Probably because it isn't called that, it's the Non-City Chat!
(2) Since records began