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Thread: Gloucestershire cricket

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    Gloucestershire cricket

    Today’s news makes the imminent victory over Taff’s team feel pyrrhic. Becoming difficult to swallow the loss of our best bowlers, or to follow Gloucestershire.

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    Disappointing, but I'm not sure Craig Miles has fulfilled the potential he shew when making his debut at a ripe young age. Liam Norwell really came of age last year but seems to be injury prone. More promising for the future are the emergence of James Bracey and Ben Charlesworth, but we need more than that to compete.

    I thought our playing budget had been pared down while the redevelopment of the ground was being undertaken, but I have seen no sign of any investment in the playing squad since then, we must be drawing some extra income of this investment and there was also some receipts from selling off part of the land to developers?

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    I've not been to a game a Bristol for years since they built those flats on the car park. Is it possible to park in the street or is it residents only?

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    Agree with Shandy's assessment in the main. But I would not be surprised if Warwicks found a way to keep Norwell fit and to get the very best from our no. 23 who is, anyway, running into some good form just as he leaves us

    Can be a bit of a challenge to find parking near the Brightside, but I've always managed it. Train enthusiasts can find their way to Montpelier Station perhaps, though it does make for a long day

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