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Thread: Malvern Friendly

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    Malvern Friendly

    Many of us making our way down to the ground with a view tomorrow?

    Ground I always like going to, very old fashioned style stand and lovely view of the Malvern's behind it - all be it the ground isn't in the best of areas.

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    Steve Crouch
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    May 2017
    Yeah we shall be in attendance and "best of areas"

    Some girl I was seeing lived on the road adjacent to the ground wasn't that bad made Whaddon look like Sandbanks...

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    Compared to Whaddon it is like Beverley Hills!

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    2-0 win with goals from Mbunga and Chambers in the second half. Another good run out and impressed again with Tunnicliffe who played full 90 minutes.

    Nice little set up at Malvern.

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    Useful, Tunnicliff played well as did against his old Club Reece King.
    Mbunga played just off the last defender alongside Ethan Moore, odji needs to look up as he was beating the same people twice .
    Keeper made an outstanding save to keep a lively Malvern side at bay before succumbing to a shoulder injury(not serious ).
    WEBBY was Webby for 90 minutes, only 20 games off 700 I am told..legend.

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    Steve Crouch
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    May 2017
    Webby was outstanding along with Edji (again) and young Tuncliffe.. Malvern keeper was only the reserve keeper he told us and the lad had a blinder. Glad Phil Clarke is ok that looked bloody awful for a few minutes.
    Anyway what a lovely place it was let's hope Reece King and his mum can sort us out with another friendly next season.

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    Spoke to Add Tandy about injury to Clarke who said his shoulder popped out but thankfully it went straight back in. Forsyth ended up in goal as Hanks had been subbed as he was due to start work at 10pm.

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    Sorry I'm late boss I had to go in goal.

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    Imagine the headline in The Citizen.... Former Cheltenham Town player late for work as had to play as emergency keeper

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    Steve Crouch
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    Jun 2017
    Edji scored again i'm surprised Tim haven't nailed him and Eliot Richards down by now before someone else comes sniffing.

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