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Thread: Ken Blackburn

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    Ken Blackburn

    Wonder what will happen next with the u18's then... Quite a lot said here

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    Ken Fagan is gradually bringing the youth set up into the 21st century and I certainly have confidence in what he is doing. He has brought a level of professionalism that if matched across all elements of the club would put us in good stead. Lots of supporters have seen KF in action hosting the recent presentation night, which was a great example of how he acts. He comes from very good footballing stock and knows what he is doing. I would holdfire on any criticism until I heard from Ken Fagan.

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    Thanks Kenny. A proper Gloucester City legend. You've done a hell of a lot for the young footballers of Gloucestershire over the past 2 decades. Big shoes to fill for sure.

    That said, it's an exciting opportunity for change for the club. Good luck to Ken Fagan and whoever he brings in going forward.

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    KB deserves some sort of recognition by having something named after him when City return home.. (just a thought)

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    Seems a harsh way to be told. Deserves better than that.

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    Looks like the new broom effect - is this one of the reasons that Charlotte left as well?

    Kenny is another great loss to the club. Whoever takes up this role has huge shoes to fill.

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    New broom but also it looks like the club have ambitions with the potential of a reserve side

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    Thank you Kenny for all your years of hard work and devotion.
    As far as I am concerned those who have taken on your role have an enormous hill to climb and huge boots to fill.
    I will watch from afar to see how well they do !

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    19 years of being under the radar at the club with huge responsibility for developing young people and the time commitment involved deserves much thanks.

    I hope that Chris Gage can address two questions that I have in the next update, if not before;
    - what is the reason for this decision?
    - why was Ken not treated with more respect if his departure is as described in this thread?


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    A response from the club has been given to Severn Sport and is printed at the foot of the story on the link below

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