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    Bradley Lowery

    I'm sure you all now aware of Bradley's passing this afternoon which left me in tears and I'm sure most of you.
    He touched the heart of so many people and I know it stuck a chord with many a City fan over the past year. As I posted on twitter wouldn't it be truly special If the club could somewhat organise a collection at some point this season towards his charity and it would be a terrific gesture if the club could organise a wreath from all us supporters and playing staff...

    Also if this needs to go in another thread please do it
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    A collection with the proceeds going towards his fund would be a great gesture. Bradley and his family have touched everyone in the football world and beyond.

    Been reading through loads of the comments on social media and just shows what an impact this amazing little boy has had on everyone. RIP Bradley...your smile and charm will live on forever.

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