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    Jake Gosling is a good shout. We have no creativity or wingers. Gosling and Danny Wright and I'll be excited (and dreaming I guess...)

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    There is no doubt the stumbling block is wages-to players like Danny Wright football I would suggest is their main if only income so naturally they have to go to clubs offering them a living wage. Maybe a sponsor for a player might help but I would suggest even at £800a week itís a hefty sum over the course of a season still food for thought..Supporters Trust any comments?

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    Considering most of our players are on £100-200 per week the idea of having a player on £800 is madness really! Interesting concept though.

    Yes a lot of players would like to stay full time, but there aren't enough full time spaces available.

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    We pay into the Supporters Trust. The Supporters Trust helps with wages. I don't want to contribute to an £800 per week wage. He'd have to score a hat trick every week to justify it. Let some other club pay it.

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    Weren’t we paying the likes of Dale Watkins £800?

    I’d like to see a goal scorer like that again

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    Different times. This is austerity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eric Van Der Floof View Post
    Werenít we paying the likes of Dale Watkins £800?

    Iíd like to see a goal scorer like that again
    I was doing my work experience at the club then with Debbie in the offices (yes she was a teenage crush) We banked the players wages at the cattle market, remember when they had banks there!! Anyway he wasnít far off 800 quid plus the bonuses most players were averaging £300-£600 it memory serves me right...

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    Before Moby-Dick, There Was "Two Years Before the Mast", that will before most of you times!

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    Adam mann posted this on twitter. "The good old days when £25 a week to travel the conference north 🙌🏼🤷🏻*♂️ hope your good mate!. " how did we put a team out !!

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    John Mills has left Hereford, go on Ricco bust the bank.

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