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    Do we not get compensation for these clubs taking our players? If Lewis was on contract and offered another contract for next season, as he is under 24, we should be entitled to some money for his development.
    My understating is the player must have been offered terms (no less favourable) with this needed to done by a certain date in May in writing.
    If the Club hasnít done the above then there is nothing that can be done.
    An experienced Secretary would have been on the ball.
    However I am sure the Club will inform supporters of the situation.

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    The Severn Sport Night In - every week on

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    Someone stated he hope Ricco had a poker in fires to replace this lot I think he will need a magic wand to keep us at this level.

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    Is underwhelming ten characters?

    We desperately need a bit of flair. Joe Hanks is the best of the bunch but he's turning into a bit of a Simon Burgher type player.

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    Why the panic? We are in June. The season doesn't start for another 2 months. We looked like we were doomed last season, but then from January onward we had play-off form. Sometimes it can be worth waiting as there will still be good players around looking for clubs closer the season and will take a smaller deal.

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    Can't blame Lewis, or Keiran when that is finally announced. Where would you rather be? In a field in Evesham watched by a dwindling 200 pissed off people perennially on the promise that we'll be home soon or at Edgar Street infront of a noisy 3,500 with real ambitions of getting back to the Football League? Not much of a choice is it.

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    Surprised they want Lewis. They must've seen the games I missed last year.

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    Lewis on the last few games form was not worth sunday league let alone NLN, he was just making up the numbers don't panic trust in Ricco

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    Don't forget the Hereford manager was moaning about the budget so maybe our players is all they can afford. You certainly wouldn't imagine it is what they need to get promoted again next season.

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    Agreed Lewis, by his standards, had a poor season. Last 4 or 5 home games especially his final ball continually failed to get past the first man. He looked devoid of confidence. Thomas also was very inconsistent. Maybe they had already been made aware of other interest and their minds were elsewhere. Who knows. But with Parselle not yet signed, we definitely need another left-back.

    I'd go as far as to say we need a centre back, a left back, a left sided winger and 2 x forwards. Currently team looks like this;

    Hannah in goal

    M.Williams, Avery, Hamilton, Kelly

    Smerdon, Webb, Knowles, Hanks

    Parker, Morford

    We'd struggle with that.

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