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Thread: Retained List

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    Retained List

    Andrew Hannah
    Samuel Avery
    Matt Williams
    Jamie Edge
    Joe Hanks
    Spencer Hamilton
    Chris Knowles
    Joe Parker
    Isaac Kelly
    Noah Smerdon
    Will Tunnicliff
    Tom Webb
    Will Morford

    Hall, Parcelle, Cundy, Thomas and Ed Williams not currently part of that list...

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    Glad to see we have kept the keeper, thought we was confident and top drawer towards the end of last season. Good news that the above are staying, slightly surprised to see Jamie Edge with us again as I'm not confident he is up to Conference South level.

    Still a lot of gaps to fill in the meantime so should hopefully be plenty of new and exciting faces to come in - although I'm hopeful some of the others not on that list may still stay. There are a lot of last seasons goals missing from the retained list as it currently stands.

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    Better than I was expecting! But please, please persuade Rob Cundy to stay, and as many of the other four as possible.

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    The ones you want to keep leaves and some you would like to see go stay because no one else wants them.

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    Lewis Hall has signed for Hereford

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    Hall to Hereford, assume Thomas will be announced for them soon too. Right City graveyard there

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    We’ve had and seem to be having a lot of important departures, Ricco really has his work cut out to replace them.

    Will be interesting to see what the next few weeks brings, but as it stands it doesn’t look like we’re looking to bring some momentum and excitement back to MP.

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    Do we not get compensation for these clubs taking our players? If Lewis was on contract and offered another contract for next season, as he is under 24, we should be entitled to some money for his development.
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    Lewis Hall has signed for Hereford...

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    There are a few key names missing from that list that will need replacing if they don't sign on. Midfield looks strong (but also slightly surprised to edge kept on); defence looks weak without Cundy, Kieran, and any experienced left backs; and attack looks almost invisible aside from Joe Parker. Definitely need 2 or 3 wingers/strikers, a left back, and a big centre half.

    Good luck Ricco. Will be an interesting summer.

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