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Thread: Player news - any idea when?

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    today is the big day for an announcement???

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    Kieran Thomas off to Hereford?

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    He was brilliant at Whaddon, a joy to watch and rightfully player of the season. But last season at Evesham his performances started to wane, he made some silly mistakes/challenges and I don't think we missed him that much when Issac Kelly came in when he was suspended. Our performances improved when he was no longer captain. He was very quiet on the pitch. Wish him all the best and if he can recover his form from the previous season then they will have a great player. Looking at their forum they seem to think he's still our player of the season

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    Yet again it’s a very frustrating period for fans with lack of news coming from the club since the end of the season. Looking at our twitter feed there have only been a handful of direct tweets from the club and the response to one tweet was that people have demanding day jobs which take priority. Isn’t that the same for the majority of part time clubs but they can all get news out? It’s all well and good with the news about off field activity with new people coming on to the management board, shirt deals but we all like to hear some news about players (either coming or going)

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    I rarely get a response if I comment on a tweet. I tagged the club in when tweeting a photo of me in my city top on the way to the London marathon start line, but got no response; was expecting a retweet to get a bit of exposure for the club. I asked when the new xblade shirts would be available, but again got no response.

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    I have asked when news are going to be available on issues in the past only to be told that people have busy day jobs as well. It may be true but is no way to treat fans and gethical us enthused is it? I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. I expect the media guy Chris Gage is only paid in the season for doing the job so the seat is empty....????

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    He's not paid any extra for the added workload of GCAFC!
    Pitying people who need to drink alcohol to have a good time since 4th June 2017.

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    Does anyone else think that we could be using players solely from Hartpury College next year?

    Not saying that this is necessarily a bad think, it would be like being full time, I'd just be concerned at the lack of experience.

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    How are Hartbury students chosen? Have they failed to make the grade as profesionals in Sport?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spanish tiger View Post
    How are Hartbury students chosen? Have they failed to make the grade as profesionals in Sport?

    The new "Team Bath", remember them?

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