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Thread: More than one Big cat in the City

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    Reminded me of the badge of wembley,Hope we donít have that same problem as Wembley FC.

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    Tim Harris to buy the club with a consortium led by a Thai business man, this is why Tim is in Thailand this week

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    Quote Originally Posted by GDE View Post
    this is why Tim is in Thailand this week
    Ok Tim, we believe you

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    I like that idea.

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    Still waiting for that Major Announcement, come on someone give us some news.

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    Worth the wait Iíd say

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tigermatty View Post
    Worth the wait Iíd say
    Yep, positive news, new money and first football team must be a coup; no one remembers second! Really good that it provides a presence at the Quays for us.

    Was a long wait though and whilst I know people have day jobs, announcing so early does mean perhaps a few teasers along the way are needed to keep fans interested and assured.

    Would I have liked it to be player news or something about the ground? Possibly, but will not let that detract from this good news.

    Canít wait to see it and hope itís competitively priced!

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    Great news well done to those involved in securing the deals and the club owner buzzing as well ( with more to come he says) Let’s hope the extra money can bring in a few quality players in important positions.

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    Great news, well done to all involved.

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    Fair play to all involved.

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